Delta Destinations Vol. 4: A Hometown Circuit! 292100ZDEC18 | Celebrating Two Years of Delta Virtual!


I’ve got you down! Thanks :)


I’ll be TFC-012, 737-800, or -900, I’m not quite sure, delta does both on that flight…

@AsternDestroyer we do not joke about Philadelphia, that is a serious matter, everyone must agree that they are the worst… 😂😜


DLVA1185, KHSV, In the hopefully updated 738 departing around 2000Z


@KPIT, I gave you the B738. If you’d like to switch, let me know. You’ve been all signed up.
@Michael_McMurray Let’s hope for the update by then! I’ve got you down.


Sounds good!

Delta switches the flight to all 737-900 tomorrow, RIP… 😂


Hi can you please sign me up for any gate callsign is BAVA 228
thank you


Which aircraft will you be flying, what is your hometown/nearest airport, and what time will you be departing?

Please see this to ensure you reserve a gate correctly. Thank you! :)


I will be flying a 777 200LR departure time15.00zulu callsign BAVA228 hometown airport EGLL


You’re signed up! :)


ok thank you see you there


Thanks @Delta_Virtual


DLVA243 Departing from KLGA At 1900Z
A319 see ya there


@Delta319 and @Sebastian9915 - you’re both signed up! Thanks. :)


Departing at KCID, crj9, leaving at 1920z to arrive at KATL at 2100z( I’m not good with zulu time)


You have been signed up! See you there. :)


thx @Delta_Virtual :)


Requesting aircraft change from A321 to B739 :)


Yessir! I switched to the B739 myself ;)


Can I have Gate A25, 738, From KJFK, Deprting 19:00 Zulu


What will your callsign be? Also, I’ll assign you the next T gate because I’m just assigning them as they come in.