Delta Destinations Vol. 4: A Hometown Circuit! 292100ZDEC18 | Celebrating Two Years of Delta Virtual!

Delta Destinations Vol. 4: A Hometown Circuit! 292100ZDEC18

Server: Expert Server

Departure Airport: Pt. 1: Your hometown/nearest airport! | Pt. 2: KATL

Departure Time: Pt. 1: Depends on your departure airport. | Pt. 2: 2200Z

Arrival Time to KATL: At or around 2100Z. December 29, 2018 9:00 PM

Aircraft: Any aircraft currently operated by Delta that fits the route.

This event has two parts to it - the fly-in to KATL, and the fly-out of KATL, hence the “circuit.” Pilots are asked to arrive at KATL at or around 2100Z. Once all pilots have landed, we will have a “layover,” and at 2200Z, we will depart KATL back to your hometown or nearest airport. If you are unable to complete the first part, feel free to join us on the second part, and vice versa.
DLVA Pilots will receive 1.5x flight time if they complete only one individual leg, and 2x flight time for completing the whole circuit.

Attached below are terminal maps for once pilots land in KATL.

Gate Maps

image image image image image image image
If you would like to respawn upon landing at KATL to get your precise gate, feel free to do so.
Terminal Map Link

Reserving a gate is easy and open to ANY and ALL Pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!

Hometown Airport:
Departure Time in Zulu:

ALL Pilots are asked to calculate the appropriate departure time from their airport for a prompt arrival at KATL at or around 2100Z.
DLVA Members are asked to give their VA callsign.

Pilot Hometown Airport Departure Time Aircraft Gate at KATL
@Transport_Hub [DLVA0295] KJFK 1900Z B763 F01
@Luke_Sta [Delta 2266] KDEN 1945Z B739 T01
@AsternAviation [DLVA911] KLAX 1700Z B752 F02
@KPIT [TFC-012] KPIT 1900Z B739 T03
@Michael_McMurray [DLVA1185] KHSV 2000Z B738 T04
@Jonas05 [BAVA228] EGLL 1500Z B77L F03
@MrMrMan [DLVA428] KDEN 1800Z B739 T05
@Delta319 [DLVA34] KSDF 1955Z CRJ9 T06
@Sebastian9915 [DLVA243] KLGA 1900Z A321 T07
@Gavin_I [DLVA1506] KCID 1940Z CRJ9 T08
@Elliott_Ewell [Delta 288] KJFK 1900Z B738 T09
@Laurent_Wellman [Delta 656] TXKF 1700Z B738 T10
@RCH0986 [DLVA0986] KLAX 1700Z B739 T11
@Smax [DLVA857] KCVG 2000Z B738 T13
@Douglas_Forsyth [DLVA760] KPDX 1700Z B752 F05
@AirplaneGuy33 [DLVA1826] KGSO 2000Z B712 T14
@r3life [DLVA06] KJFK 1900Z B739 T15
@Capt_Jim [DLVA1270] KPNS 2010Z B752 F06
@anthonyphilemon [DLVA981] KBOS 1830Z B739 T16
@Bigballin2u [DLVA0824] KBOS 1830Z B77L F07
@Sean_Green [DLVA1492] KORF 1920Z A321 T17
@CaptSnilloc [DLVA2271] KLAX 1700Z B739 A01
@CameronH21 [DLVA2323] KDFW 1900Z A319 A02
@ClarenceTheAvgeek [DLVA76] KRST/KSJC 1910Z B739 A03
@Capt.SkyWalker [DLVA0036] EDDT 1000Z B763 F08
@JGrant639 [DLVA349] KMCI 1900Z B739 A04
@Pilot_urp [DLVA173] KCLT 1950Z B739 A05
@andrew236 [Delta 229] KPIT 1900Z B739 A06
@Nick_Burgess [DLVA3124] KIND 2000Z B739 A07
@JeromeJ [Delta 1790] KDCA 1900Z A321 A19
@janksadam [DLVA0320] FAOR 0500Z B77L F09
@kznawsm [DLVA328] KSNA 1700Z B752 F10
@ThomasThePro [Delta 1459] CYYZ 1830Z B739 A09
@mvh1221 [DLVA1221] KMSP 1900Z B739 A11
@savavalentin86 [SVA1986] KIND 2000Z B77L F12
@CapriciousWisewater [DLVA9375] KBWI 1930Z B739 A12
@KDOT [DLVA1881] SPJC 1515Z B763 F14
@BigBert10 [DLVA100] KSJC/KSFO 1600Z B739 A15
@KIND9624 [DLVA9624] KIND 2000Z B752 A16
@Alaska170 [Delta 233] KSEA RT FLT ONLY B739 A17
@Jack_H [DL1806] KMDT RT FLT ONLY CRJ9 A18

Delta Virtual Air Lines is a non-profit organization and is made to give our pilots the most professional and realistic flying experience in the Flight Simulator, Infinite Flight. We have nearly 350 destinations along with nearly 1,200 routes that our pilots fly daily. We are always open to having new pilots join. Just simply fill out our application on our website and get a reasonable grade on your written test and you’ll be a DLVA pilot in no time. Join Delta Virtual here today!

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DLVA2187 (😳) from KJFK in the 763 departing at 2PM EST

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You have been signed up, @Transport_Hub! Better check your callsign…imposter… 😜
-MrMrMan :)


Hmm… My Phoenix Fly out is the same day. I am debating on coming.

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I’d be happy to have you! Hopefully the times work out if you do want to come!
-that DLVA event coordinator guy ;)

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DLVA67 departing from KMCO

Ah, what the heck, I will take a flying gate to Denver :)

I will be inbound from Pensacola Will land early so I can leave on time. 737-900 Please

Delta 2266 will be my callsign :)

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@anon2063420, what time will you be departing KMCO, and which aircraft would you like to fly?
@Luke_Sta, you’ll be inbound from Pensacola? So you’ll do KPNS-KATL-KDEN? Just checking.
Thanks guys!
-MrMrMan :)

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Leaving Pensacola at 2045Z :)

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@Luke_Sta, you’ve been signed up, however, will it only take you 15 minutes to fly from KPNS-KATL? We’ll be landing in KATL at 2100Z (2PM for us MST folks).
-MrMrMan :)

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Oops, didn’t notice that, I need a minute to Fix it :)
Edit: Leaving at 1945Z, my bad :)

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Sounds good! Thanks for fixing that.
-you know who :)

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DLVA911 departing from KLAX at around 1720Z in the B752.

Gave myself a few extra minutes on the departure time to make myself fashionable late ;)

(And by that I mean around 15 minutes past 2100Z)

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You’ve been signed up! I put 1720Z, but should I put you at 1700Z? I don’t want anyone to be too late.

Actually yes, and that will be subject to change.
The winds are pretty unpredictable on this route, so I’ll look at them prior to the event.

Also how do I know who that message was from?

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I’ve updated your time :)

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I’ll be leaving about 2 hours ahead of arrival time in a 737 8 or 900, anyone want to guess whare from?

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Hmm…TIST, perhaps?
What’ll your callsign & aircraft be? I can get the rest! 😜

Philadelphia International?

A321 and 1930Z

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