Delta Destinations Vol. 3: KSFO to the World; A Major VA Fly-Out! @ KSFO - 242100ZNOV18

Delta Destinations Vol. 3: KSFO to the World; A Major VA Fly-Out! 242100ZNOV18

Server : Expert Server

Departure Airport : KSFO

Departure Time : November 24, 2018 9:00 PM

Arrival Time : Based on your Destination. ( ~ 1 to 16 hour flights)

Pilots have the option to pick and fly any of the routes below for this event. Each destination has a capped limit for number of pilots on a route to increase variety and to promote group flying to different destinations around the world.

KLAX (Los Angeles)

Flight Time : 1hr 20min
Aircraft : B712, B738
Airline : Delta Air Lines

KSEA (Seattle)

Flight Time : 2hr 10min
Aircraft : B712, B738
Airline : Delta Air Lines

KATL (Atlanta)

Flight Time : 5hr 05min
Aircraft : B739, B752
Airline : Delta Air Lines

KJFK (New York)

Flight Time : 6hr 20min
Aircraft : B752, B763
Airline : Delta Air Lines

EHAM (Amsterdam)

Flight Time : 10hr 55min
Aircraft : B772, B789, B744
Airline : KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

LFPG (Paris)

Flight Time : 11hr 25min
Aircraft : B77W, A388
Airline : Air France

VHHH (Hong Kong)

Flight Time : 12hr 15min
Aircraft : B77W
Airline : Singapore Airlines

WSSS (Singapore)

Flight Time : 16hr 40min
Aircraft : B78X
Airline : Singapore Airlines

Destinations were chosen based on gate availability and optimal flight time. Destinations do not necessarily reflect active flights for DLVA, AFKLM, or SVA. Any pilot at any rank from any VA can fly any established route above and still log it in their respective VA.

Reserving a gate is easy and open to ANY and ALL pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!


VA members are asked to give their VA callsign.

Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
Gate A4 @Gavin_I [DLVA1506] EHAM B787-9
Gate A6 @AdmiralsAlliance [AFKLM236] EHAM B787-9
Gate A8 @John370 [AFKLM130] EHAM B787-9
Gate A3 @Alexis.B [AFKLM201] LFPG A380-800
Gate A5 @Darpan [K-2SO] LFPG B777-300ER
Gate A7 @JGrant639 [DLVA394] LFPG B777-300ER
Gate A1 @Omar_DeWindt [AFKLM001] LFPG A380-800
Gate A11 @Delta_Airlines_One [DLVA7474] LFPG A380-800
Gate A9 @Cristian_Gonzalez [AFKLM138] LFPG A380-800
Gate F78 @RoyalJordanian [AFKLM229] LFPG B777-300ER
Gate E60 @DerSchwabe [AFKLM198] LFPG A380-800
Gate E64 @PranavGupta [SVA773] LFPG B777-300ER
Gate E65 @Stefan_Dellis_Cioanc [KLM606] EHAM B777-200ER
Gate F88 @Clinton_Stack1 [DLVA0024] LFPG B777-300ER
Gate B40 @TenMileJones [KLM 55] EHAM B747-400
Gate B46 @HollyweedGum [AFKLM187] EHAM B787-9
Gate D56B @Marek [AFKLM142] LFPG A380-800
Gate B45B @Aashish_Mohammed [AFKLM212] KJFK A380-800
Gate B41 @Jmacd20 [DLVA1224] KATL B757-200
Gate B42 @Lorenz1 [DLVA31] KATL B737-900
Gate B43 @CameronH21 [DLVA2323] KATL B737-900
Gate B44 @MrMrMan [DLVA428] KATL B737-900
Gate F76A @MJL_Productions [DLVA6254] KATL B737-900
Gate B77B @Kristopher_Brown [DLVA9818] KATL B737-900
Gate D50 @Sebastian9915 [DLVA243] KATL
Gate D51A KLAX
Gate D51B @Alex_Coffey [DLVA3943] KLAX B737-800
Gate D52 @CaptSnilloc [DLVA2271] KLAX B737-800
Gate D53 KLAX
Gate D54A @Smax [DLVA857] KLAX B737-800
Gate D54B @DmitrI-G [USA0412] KLAX B737-800
Gate B47 KSEA
Gate B48 @Michael_McMurray [DLVA1185] KSEA B737-800
Gate D55 KSEA
Gate G101 @Amaar_Viqar [SVA786] VHHH B777-300ER
Gate G97 @Nick_Burgess [DLVA3214] WSSS B787-10
Gate G100 @Chinmay_Erram [SVA1980] WSSS B787-10
Gate G96 @Sammy_Droubi [DLVA665] WSSS B787-10
Gate G94 @Will_Ford_Jr [SVA2448] VHHH B777-300ER
Gate G98 @Capt.SkyWalker [SVA0036] WSSS B787-10
Gate G102 @TwinsRock88 [SVA004] WSSS B787-10
Gate G95 @Elliott_Ewell [Singapore 288 Super] WSSS B787-10
Gate G99 @Bradey.Stewart [DLVA36] VHHH B777-300ER
Gate F80 @kznawsm [DLVA328] VHHH B777-300ER
Gate F82 @Prasoon_S [SVA4160] WSSS B787-10
Gate F84 WSSS B787-10
Gate F86 @macharyone [SVA978] WSSS B787-10
Gate F90 @Jeffrey_Varga [DLVA8720] WSSS B787-10
Gate C42 @Jeremy351 [AFKLM206] WSSS B787-10
Gate C46 @AsternAviation [DLVA911] WSSS B787-10
Gate C47 @Deida [Singapore 1224 Heavy] WSSS B787-10
Gate C45a @Chris_Hoss [G-HOSS] WSSS B787-10
Gate C41 @Josh_Jones [Singapore 1225 Heavy] WSSS B787-10

Delta Virtual

Delta Virtual Air Lines is a non-profit organization and is made to give our pilots the most professional and realistic flying experience in the Flight Simulator, Infinite Flight. We have nearly 350 destinations along with nearly 1,200 routes that our pilots fly daily. We are always open to having new pilots join. Just simply fill out our application on our website and get a reasonable grade on your written test and you’ll be a DLVA pilot in no time. Join Delta Virtual here today!

AFKLM Virtual

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Singapore Virtual

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LFPG gate A5 for me. Callsign K-2SO. B777-300ER

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Looks like a fun event!

Callsign: SVA001
Gate: G101
Aircraft: B787-10


Callsign: DLVA1224
Gate: B41
Aircraft: B752

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The timing is built for the VA’s of DLVA, AF-KLM and SVA to enjoy the flight. DLVA has provided 20 to 30 pilots per event, as well as AF-KLM providing a very large amount during Sky Team Events. Now we have partnered with SVA for another great flight with VA collaboration.


@Darpan, @Transport_Hub, and @Jmacd20, I’ve got all of you down! Thanks.
-MrMrMan :)

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Callsign: DLVA3124
Gate: G97 @Singapore
Aircraft 78X

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All signed up!
-MrMrMan :)

Callsign: DLVA7474
Gate: A11
Aircraft: A380

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Signed up!
-MrMrMan :)

KSFO gate 96 to WSSS please.
Dlva doesn’t have a 78x in their fleet, what’s my alternate?

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Callsign: DLVA4291
Gate: G100
Aircraft: 78X

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Umm… that’s awkward

Changed :)
I took 96

@Sammy_Droubi and @Dylan_T, you both are good!
-MrMrMan :)

Your alternate could be the generic livery or Singapore Airlines livery.

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And I’d log those 16 juicy hours as a first officer right 😍

@Sammy_Droubi :)

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Callsign:DLVA 31
Gate: B42

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Callsign : - SVA2448
Gate : - G94
Aircraft : - B77W

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