Delta Destinations Vol. 2: KATL to the Caribbean, a DLVA Site Launch Event - 281600ZOCT18

Delta Virtual Presents Delta Destinations Vol 2: KATL to the Caribbean 281600ZOCT18

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Event Coordinators

DLVA Destinations Vol. 2 is brought to you by the Delta Virtual Board of Directors and Support Staff. @mwe2187 and @MrMrMan are coordinating all event efforts and hope you enjoy your time in the skies with Delta Virtual!

Come celebrate the launch of Delta Virtual’s new home and pilot center as we bring you Delta Destinations Vol. 2! Our destination is the wonderful Caribbean for this event as we compare the beautiful new site and the destinations that you’ll have to choose from!

Server : Expert Server

Aircraft : Pilots Choice! Any Delta Livery Available based on location gate size.

Our Fleet

Airbus: A319, A321, A333,
Boeing: B712, B738, B739, B744, B752, B763, B77ER, B, B77LR, B788
Bomardier: CRJ2, CRJ7, CRJ9
Embraer: E170
McDonnell Douglas: MD11

Departure Airport : KATL

Departure Time : 16:00Z October 28, 2018 4:00 PM

Arrival Airport : Pilots choice in the Caribbean

Arrival Time : Based on your destination. ~ 1 to 3 hour flights.

Pilots have the option to pick from any of the destinations below as you will depart from KATL and head into the Caribbean on ANY of the Delta fleet. As long as the location still has availability for your aircraft

Aruba (TNCA)

Airport Website
Airport Charts:
Heavy Aircraft Available: 7

Grand Cayman (MWCR)

Airport Website
Airport Charts:
Heavy Aircraft Available: Small/Regional only

Havana (MUHA)

Airport Website
Airport Charts:
Heavy Aircraft Available: 4

Kingston (MKJP)

Airport Website
Airport Charts:
Heavy Aircraft Available: 4

Punta Cana (MDPC)

Airport Website
Airport Charts:
Heavy Aircraft Available: 4

Martinique (TFFF)

Airport Website
Airport Charts: Navigraph Charts
Heavy Aircraft Available: 7

Nassau (MYNN)

Airport Website
Airport Charts: AirNav: MYNN - Lynden Pindling International Airport
Heavy Aircraft Available: 3

Point a Pitre (TFFR)

Airport Website
Airport Charts: TFFR - Pointe A Pitre Le Raizet Airport | SkyVector
Heavy Aircraft Available: 7

St. Lucia (TLPL)

Airport Website
Airport Charts: TLPL - Vieuxfort/ Hewanorra - International Airport | SkyVector
Heavy Aircraft Available: 5

St. Martin (TNCM)

Airport Website
Airport Charts: TNCM - Princess Juliana International Airport | SkyVector
Heavy Aircraft Available: 2

More destinations available if necessary throughout the Caribbean.

Destinations were chosen based on gate availability and overall viewing pleasure. Does not necessarily reflect active flights for DLVA, but destinations the airline is flying to currently, or has previously had active flights to.

Reserving a gate is easy and open to ANY and ALL pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!

Simple take a look at the destinations available below and post a reply with your destination, the aircraft you’d like to take to the skies with and the callsign you’ll be flying with!

Format for post:




DLVA members are asked to give their DLVA callsign for a valid flight within our database.

Heavy Aircraft Gate Assignments
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
Gate F01 @Transport_Hub [DLVA0295] TNCM B752
Gate F02 @Will_Ford_Jr [DLVA248] TNCM B744
Gate F03 @Jmacd20 [DLVA1224] TNCM B744
Gate F04 @Dylan_T [DLVA4291] TNCM B744
Gate F05 @Vari2ty [DLVA191] TNCA B788
Gate F06 @CapriciousWisewater [DLVA9375] TNCA B752
Gate F07 @MathAviation7 [DLVA735] TNCM B744
Gate F08 @mwe2187 [DLVA2187] TNCM B744
Gate F09 @Patrick_Gallagher [DLVA523] TNCA B752
Gate F10 @Capt_Jim [DLVA1270] TNCA B752
Gate F12 @kevinlu1999 [DLVA587] TNCM B744
Gate F14 @Hussim4 [DLVA0099] TNCA B752
Gate E11 @Anthony_Wilcox [DLVA1467] TNCM B77LR
Gate E08
Gate E10 @Alex_Lopresti [DLVA121] MWCR B788
Gate E18 @LennyD [DLVA1804] MDPC MD11
Gate E14 @MrMrMan [DLVA428] TNCM B77LR
Gate E36 @Darpan [K-2SO] TNCM B788
Gate E30 @CaptainCaybrew [DL687] MCWR B752
Gate E28 @CaptainDyorden [Aruba 105] TNCA B763
Gate E26 @Sean_Green [Delta 1492 Heavy] TNCM B77ER
Gate A01
Gate A02 @anon87102400 [Delta 575] TNCM B757
Gate A05 @Omar_DeWindt [AFKLM001] TLPL MD11
Gate A06 @Gu_Tianxiang [AFKLM239] TLPL B77LR
Gate A09 @Marek [Delta 007] TNCM B77ER
Gate A10 @savavalentin86 [SVA1986] TNCM B77LR
Gate A15 @AsternAviation [DLVA911] TNCM B788
Gate A16 @cafasape [DLVA639] MUHA B763
Gate A19 @Alaska170 [Alaska 170] TNCA B77ER
More Gates Assigned As Necessary
Small/Regional Aircraft Gate Assignments
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
Gate C53 @Gabe_Z [G-ZAGO] MUHA B738
Gate C49 @Gavin_I [DLVA1506] TNCM B738
Gate C47 @Sebastian9915 [DLVA243] MDPC A321
Gate C45 @Kristopher_Brown [DLVA9818] MYNN B739
Gate C43 @Abbasbeloved [DLVA727] MUHA A319
Gate C41 @Smax [DLVA857] TNCM A321
Gate C37 @Sherbert342 [DLVA342] MCWR A319
Gate C35 @langer00am [DLVA1921] MYNN A321
Gate C33 @Zayed_Alshreedi [A9193MZ] MUHA A321
Gate C51 @MdogAviator [Delta 7649] TNCA A321
Gate C50 @GlobalFlyer1 [Delta 908] TNCM B738
Gate C46 @Hockeyman_02 [Delta 543] MDPC B739
Gate C42 @Michael_McMurray [DLVA1185] MYNM B739
Gate C40
Gate C36
Gate C32
Gate C30
Gate B01
Gate B02
Gate B03
Gate B04
Gate B05
Gate B06
Gate B07
Gate B10
Gate B09
Gate B12
Gate B11
More Gates Assigned As Necessary

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Not 500% sure if I can make it, but I shall give it a go!

Callsign: DLVA0295

Aircraft: B752

Destination: St. Martin


Well done @MrMrMan
I hope this will do just as good as our last event!
Unfortunately I won’t be attending but I may be out there somewhere taking Pics


Hello, look like a great one here, I think I would like to join!

Callsign: G-ZAGO
Aircraft: B738
Destination: Havana


@MrMrMan nice event again!

Callsign: DLVA34

Aircraft: A319

Destination: Queen Beatrix Aruba Int’l (TNCA)


I think im available,

Callsign: DLVA1506

Aircraft: B738

Destination: TNCM

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Callsign - DLVA2448
Aircraft - B77LR
Destination TNCM


@Transport_Hub, @Gabe_Z, @Delta319, @Gavin_I, @Will_Ford_Jr

Happy to have you with us! Gates are assigned!


Hey, mwe? How come i keep getting the b739 when i want the 738? Im okay with it, but was it a mistake?

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Bad habits! Fixed it for you, apologies!


Totally fine!

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HI there, sign me up pls
See ya there!






Martinique (TFFF)

Great job @MrMrMan


Why not


Would love a spot!

Callsign - Delta 543
Aircraft - Boeing 737-900
Destination - Dominican Republic/Punta Cana (MDPC)


I’m in!

Call sign: DLVA9818
Aircraft: B739
Destination: MYNN




Callsign: DLVA9375
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Destination: TNCA


DLVA735. I will take the B747 to TNCM!