Delta Denies US Men's Curling Team an Upgrade

There is outrage from the public after the U.S. Men’s Curling team Twitter account asked Delta Airlines for an upgrade to business class on their return flight to the U.S. after the Olympics, but Delta said no because there were not any seats available. (To clarify the outrage was directed towards Delta and not the Olympians)

I personally think that it’s snobby to complain over this, if there are no seats available, then there are no seats available, especially since its during the first day or two after the Olympics ended, so the seats would obviously be filled. Furthermore, the Olympic athletes are not entitled to anything, and if they were upgraded, there would need to be 5-10 seats in business class available because the curling team consists of 5 players + staff.

What are your thoughts?


I suppose it’s no different to asking for a free upgrade when you check in. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve definitely done it :)


I totally agree. People that are filling up the seats are humains. What are the curlers? Humains… why would it change!? If I went to complain in a situation like that, No one would care and I’d look like an idiot. Same thing here. For me the people complaining like that are just showing immaturity. Seat is full what can the airline do🤷‍♂️.


Congrats, you won gold for the first time in US history… and then you go and reverse your good PR and complain because you couldn’t get upgraded into filled seats. Why would you bump paying customers to slide them into those spots (pun intended, shout out to @Kyle.r24 who will like that). They just need to sweep this issue away.


Well first of all if they wanted it badly they would have booked in advance you snooze you lose


Come on why would you not give a curler an upgrade. For god sake its the best sport.Im a curlers so if any airline would give me an upgrade to anywhere in the world I think that would make this all better

Delta should of moved the people who payed for their seats to economy and gave it to the Olympians because they totally deserved it. Ugh outrageous !! I’m just kidding who do they think they are ? We are all humans and we are all equal. I’m tired of people thinking there better than everyone else


I read this article last night.

I personally feel that Delta could have rephrased their response a little. Although, I don’t think that the outrage that occurred is necessary.

As far as I am aware, the curlers aren’t the ones complaining, a bunch of other people are.


And have you ever got an update after asking?

Not one as significant as Economy - Business. But I have had extra legroom/premium economy.

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Are you kidding me. Obviously because they’re Olympians they deserve SO much better than us normal people. What in the world is Delta thinking? I mean, it’s not like those people in business are paying passengers or anything. It’s not like they bought their ticket ahead of time. I mean c’mon
Srsly though. I’m agreeing with Delta on this one

I’m can’t tell if you’re serious or not.
If you are… I’m gonna steal your seat because I’m a mod.


I’m with Delta not giving them the upgrade


Oh thanks.
I didn’t catch the last part of your post. :)


This is ridiculous, if you won the gold in the olympics congrats I’ll give you that but true winners don’t complain about seating…


I can understand them not giving an upgrade due to space issues. That’s fair enough.

Team USA should however have done what GB do and charter a 747 or similar for everyone. Team GB from recollection do it so Gold medalists Fill first class, silver business etc. Makes everyone happy and easier than sharing a commercial flight

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I know that for Rio team USA chartered some United Dreamliners. It’s a little surprising they didn’t do it again.

More athletes competing in rio bigger demand @Kevin_Potthast

You litterly just won Gold in the olympics! You completed every kids dream, and you complain about the airline nit giving you a FREE upgrade

Depends on the aircraft, because it was most likely a Delta 77L and idk if they have first class but if they do, they just ask “Hey Delta, can we get an upgrade for the ride home?” Or maybe “hey delta, can we get an upgrade? If not, maybe a different flight?” Like, people dont understand, if the flight is full, then they can’t upgrade, but, well, I guess not everyone is an avgeek like us