Delta, Delta, Delta!

Recently I did my first flight in the reworked 757. Flying out of Delta’s busiest and largest hub Atlanta, it was Delta all day and all night. Not another airline in sight. Enjoy!

Fun Facts:

  • 16 different aircrafts were shown in these photos and they were all Delta’s!
  • 81% of those aircrafts were 757s, the other 19% were made up of a CRJ-900, A321, and 737-800.


Server: Expert
Flight Time: 0:41
Aircraft: 757-200
Airline: Delta Air Lines
Callsign: Delta 1672


Boarding passengers bound for Jacksonville as a Delta A321 departs ATL

Delta 757s on the ground

Good ol’ Atlanta traffic

Preparing for our short taxi to runway 9L

Taxiing to runway 9L while another 757 departs

And we’re off…

Turning away from Atlanta airspace

On descend into Jacksonville

Touching down in Jacksonville with another Delta 757 heading back to Atlanta

Thanks for viewing!


This night time lighting is just amazing!

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I think I saw you guys because when I landed on runway 10 and then crossed runway 9R I saw a bunch of Delta planes on runway 9L so I had to wait to cross runway 9L for a little

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@Rhys_V thank you!

@Xavier_Omatseye you might have. What time did you land in ATL?

I assume you mean his editing and not the night lightning in IF itself right?


8:10 to 8:00 EST

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You might’ve just missed me. I departed around 7:15 to 7:30 EST

Yes, but the runway lights do look really cool too!

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Yessss JAX!!! This is the first #screenshots-and-videos topic with my home airport. Great pictures!!

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I was hoping to see some 717 but still cool to see some players in ATL

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Yes! Love that my home JAX is getting some love😍

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@Tucker_Ryan glad I could be the first to touch your hometown and thank you!

@Cdt_Aupetit I don’t think anyone was thinking about the 717 unfortunately. It is always great to see ATL with some traffic.

@SamC I love JAX. Great routes and such a great airport to fly to. Very underrated in IF.

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wooooow nice pictures im really enjoying this new 757 great job

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@Lilmike thank you!

Isn’t JAX just a great airport???



Dang bro…
that do be beautiful

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Im gonna 💯 percent do a night flight, It feels so calm like a super late night flight Takeoff from like KLAX, at 12AM, and land early morning at JFK

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I like the idea! Flying at night is a lot calmer than it is during the day. You’ll also be able to see a beautiful sunrise if you are awake during the last hour of your flight.

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Yeah I always wanted to do a all nighter and play at Center on Training it seems calmer since less traffic

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