Delta Defends Against AA/AS - Adds New Seattle to Dallas/Ft. Worth Route

Delta already sends like 10 A220s a day here lmao


On a peak day I think there’s around 17 daily A220 flights 👀

Looks like we’ll hit 20.


Seems Delta is using its A220 to counter AA, most of their A220 routes are to/from DFW.

No way there’s only 20 daily A220 flights? I count 20 A220s in the sky right now, do you mean new ones?

20 daily A220 flights to/from DFW

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Ah, aviation is so competitive these days, with some good reasons. No one I know would find these AAL vs DAL fights interesting. 😄 I do love the A220 (even though I’m a Boeing person), nice to see a bigger route map with it!

DELTA all the way 😄😎

Here’s routesonline’s analysis of SEA-DFW:

677,000 yearly passengers or 1,800 passengers a day.

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