Delta Defends Against AA/AS - Adds New Seattle to Dallas/Ft. Worth Route


Delta Air Lines will be adding a new route: Seattle to Dallas/Fort Worth

Delta’s new Seattle to Dallas/Fort Worth flight begins June 8, 2020.

The route operates 3 times daily with the following schedule:

DL2323 SEA0730 - 1330DFW
DL2346 SEA1045 - 1645DFW
DL2189 SEA1730 - 2330DFW

DL2146 DFW0715 - 0930SEA
DL2323 DFW1400 - 1615SEA
DL2346 DFW1730- 1945SEA

All flights will be operated using Delta’s A220-100.

This new route is obviously a counterattack to American Airlines and Alaska Airlines’ new partnership which intends to use Seattle as an international gateway. With this new SEA-DFW flight, Delta can connect passengers in DFW to Asia and beyond.

Dallas/Fort Worth and Seattle are the largest hubs for American Airlines and Alaska Airlines respectively. Delta also has a hub in Seattle that now needs to be defended from the two airlines.

Also if anyone cares, Delta‘s also adding a daily Seattle to Columbus flight.

We’ll likely see the three airlines make more moves in the next few weeks, or we could even see more frequencies on the SEA-DFW flight from American and Alaska this weekend.


Nice! Time to update my A220 map! More reasons to fly the A220.


Wow Delta and American keep throwing more punches! I’m certainly excited to see some more A220s here in Texas!

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True, Delta is trying to add some serious competition with American. They’ve already started quite a few A220 routes to Dallas and New York.

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Seattle to Columbus is a pretty random route

And I like the recent “fights” going on between Delta and American with all of these route expansions, because competition doesn’t hurt the consumer, it always helps


Sweet! Now I could fly the A220 to DFW!

I’d rather fly on Delta than AA to be honest

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Alaska already serves the route so I guess they see some open capacity


What is that route on? A32X probably, 19 I suppose? That’s my best guess, I doubt there’s much open capacity there…

Delta SEA-CMH’s also on the A220-100

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I was about to edit that comment and say you better not be about to tell me Columbus is getting a 220 😂

Well rip, where’s one for the burgh? 😂

@snoman @Suhas @BadPlane

I think ya’ll are getting something as well.

Delta is increasing its SEA-AUS flight from 1x daily to 2x daily starting June 8.

Both flights will be operated with the A220 instead of the current A320.

This is about a 38.8% increase in capacity.


Ah looks like Delta and American are at it again. Curious to see how this turns out. Along with more chances to fly on the A220 opening up.

I’d fly Alaska given that it’s their hub.

Delta also has a hub in Seattle

Yeah, I still prefer Alaska if I’m flying domestically.

You’re making my day with these new A220 routes!

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One more for you and @BigBert10

One daily SEA-PDX flight goes A220 starting June 8


What the- JESUS

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Yessss! We have only gotten A220s during the winter so I’m pumped! I also would have gotten to fly this route if it wasn’t for the coronavirus preventing me from living in Korea this summer 😢

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Yay! I’ve always wanted to see Or perhaps fly on an A220

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