Delta Connection's new CRJ9 Atmosphere

Well, if you follow any of the airline news and look at what’s trending in the regional world; you might like this article attached below.

Bombardier is launching a refreshed cabin they call Atmosphere for the CRJ9 with more room and bigger windows. Delta will be the launch customer, to be flown by thier regional partners.

The catch though, which is great for pax, is these 900s only seat 69 pax (same as the 700s)

MTOW, seat counts and number of aircraft flown is a big issue with upcoming Pilot’s Union contracts in the US, specifically to scope clauses between airlines, pilots and manufacturers (who want to sell heavier and more capacity RJs

Embraer is doing something similar with their E175 by selling an SC or special configuration model that seats 69 instead of 76 in the US


When the US3 renegotiate scope clauses, UA/DL will add seats to their CR9s/E175s. On the surface these changes sound like a big deal, but the core issues associated witth the cabin of he CR9s aren’t fixed. Bags will still have to be gate checked in many cases even though the bins are larger. Flying on the UA E175s are great now, but with new scope clauses they will suck almost to the point of the CR7s.

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From what I’ve been reading DL and UA pilot negotiations are not budging on seat counts and weights. Delta is adding more RJs because of their clauses permits
it because DELTA is buying the C Series, err A220

UA pilots want to fly the newer RJs instead of outsourcing to Regional carriers.


Pilots get fuzzy seats. :)


Yes. If United were to add CSs to their fleet they could also add more RJs. Pilot negotiations are in initial phases and it is possible that the scope clauses could change. DL also has restrictions on how many seats the CR9s can have and so because of that they are not configured that densely. Funny how things work in America. Back in Europe Lufthansa has A340s operated by “regional” carriers.

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With all the mergers and grandfathered clauses from previous airlines with different seat counts and numbers, it’s hard to keep track.

Probably why their’s still so many CRJ1/2s.

I’d have to look it up again but all three carriers still have 50 seat caps but a lot more 50 seaters are allowed than the bigger RJs

The CRJs may not be the most comfortable but they are designed to do exactly what they are meant for, regional hops up to 1.5~2 hours with better economics and flight performance (eg. CRJ7s are certified for KASE but not the E170 when you look at size and weight and engine failure performance during T/O and landing at such a field high altitude in case of emergency) for an RJ class

CRJs are also better suited for small airports which can have less ground support equipment.

The EMB E Series are trying, sucesfully I might add to be the aircraft than can be an RJ and a mainline, which in when you broaden the range of missions of a single aircraft, you usually compromise on something to be good at everything but not great in a certain specific mission profile niche that will keep aircraft like the CRJ relivent and competitive.

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Exactly but as you have stated, they can’t fly into all the airports. A ton of intra California UA routes disappeared because of the retirement of the EMB-120s.

BTW they are working on certifying the E170 for KASE but it will be a slow process.

The CR7s are generally more efficient than the E170s.

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Again showing that DL still cares about customer comfort in even their RJs. United’s cabin is bland and tasteless (same goes for comfort), but American’s is pretty good, I just don’t fly them enough to have a consistent experience.

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Living in Atlanta, you either hate or love DELTA LoL if you are in or around the industry. Though as an UBER/LYFT driver and doing airport runs I have to admit much perfer DELTAs exclusive South Terminal. To me it’s much easier to navigate through and better access and flow to the pick up area.

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Not really… UA has redone their RJ cabins with new seats similar to those on their new aircraft and improved lighting. UA is also adding space to their new order of 25 E175s and are configuring those with less seats than their other 175s to phase out the CRJs, the less comfortable RJs. Their cabins are as of now no more interesting or less interesting than DL/AA.


LoL. I agree and always ask my drivers to pick me up at S5, I have found it the fastest. Unfortunately CLEAR is not that helpful in ATL as it feels like half the city has it.

Aww man was really hoping for Delta’s signature move by adding IFE’s to the back of the seats like in the A220. 😔 But on another hand, looks very comfortable. Can’t wait to fly on one!

Haha, being retired USAF, you say IFE, I think In Flight Emergency lol

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Oops! Well just remember that In Flight Emergencies can’t rewlly happen behind every single seat in the plane.😂 Sorry about that.

I saw the new cabin was on Display for a Delta CRJ9 at Farnborough. 👀

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