Delta Connection Trip Report

On this beautiful afternoon Delta Connection flight 5235 with nonstop service to Atlanta began boarding. I am stepping off the bus about to get on this amazing CRJ-200ER.

Flight Information

Aircraft- Delta Connection CRJ-200ER
Flight Route- KROA-KATL
Time- Afternoon to Evening
Flight Time- 1 hour
Seat- 7A (Economy)

Soon after boarding the crew closed up the cabin door and had a short safety briefing before we took off. We taxied down to the runway but soon after we lifted off at KROA headed for KATL!

A few minutes after takeoff the crew came around with a light snack and a drink. I enjoyed the amazing mountains outside while munching on the peanuts the crew gave us.

The drink didn’t do me to good as I had to quickly go to the restroom at the back! Boy what a small toilet it is back there.

Beginning our decent in the late afternoon. The pilots let me come up and have a look at the cockpit! i know this is illegal in real life lol

Turning onto our final at KATL, what a short flight it was!

3… 2… 1… Touchdown. We had arrived in Atlanta! Now to get me a bite to eat in the airport!

Thanks for coming along with me on my first virtual Trip Report 😃

No editing was done with these photos! Enjoy


This is actually amazing!
I hope with the future they add more cabins so that we could do like some long haul flight trips!

But this is awesome nice pictures!

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Thanks so much and yeah I agree!

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Oh boy, now we’re doing virtual troop reports too… 😂

Trip report* 😁

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thats a cool layout!! plz do more :)


Thank you! I certainly will :)

Southwest be like

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Nice trip report. Your the captain and doing a trip report. Very confident 😁😱

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I mean who cant have a little fun while working? 😂

Next time try the virtual business class. I hear the service is great.

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I heard it was great too! Of course I will.

I wonder if it’s safe?

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Really cool! I like it!

Nice virtual trip report!

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Thanks alot :)

It should be? Haha

This is like a actual report in real life but in a SIMULATOR!!! love it :)

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If your looking to grab a bite at KATL, there’s a really good P.F Chang’s 😂

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I’ll have to try it before I head back to KROA. Thanks :)

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