Delta Connection (Old Livery) Bombardier CRJ-700

Credits to Eddie Maloney

Description: This aircraft, N609SK, a CRJ-700, is operated by Delta Connection, and is still in service. The reason I have posted this request is in hopes of a new Delta livery, as this one has never stepped foot into Infinite Flight.

Benefits: This aircraft would also add a livery variety, as there are not many for the CRJ-700. It would also be a something else to look forward to for the members who like retro liveries!

Opinion: In my opinion, I love this livery and hope to see the aircraft in the game!

I’ve reached my vote limit but I must Ray this livery is amazing! I have a model of this CRJ-900 in this exact livery! It’s truly elegant and the tail is just marvelous. I forgot the liveries name but I know that it’s onenof my favorite delta liveries. I would vote but I’ve reached my limit as I said earlier.


I remember flying on the old Delta Connection and Delta’s before the merger and I must say that I would die for this plane in IF. Also I believe that the livery is called “Wavy Gray” But I top am also at my limit for votes. But the bet of luck to you my friend!

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I forgot the livery name too! And thanks for the support! 😄

Aww, thanks again! 😄

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That sexy wavy gray livery

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Yeah no problem! ;) I’m glad I had the answer!

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Oh wow I do like it out of votes though

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