Delta Connection Group Flight KASE to KLAX 130000ZJUL19

Ima go to KLAX now and wait my callsign will be Delta 121

You may not have enough time, we are leaving From KASE in one hour

Also, Everyone Please Park in the Commercial Gates.

Oh I got KASE and KLAX mixed up sorry

No Worries, at least we got it sorted now

Also, does anyone know the CRJ-900’s max cruise speed as I just realised M.84 is too fast

Oh sorry I can’t go I got important stuff in my way sorry

No Problem, thanks for stopping by

ohh ok thx.

M.81 in a CRJ9? It cruises at M.78 :). Sorry, had to get my inner-professionalism out lol. I would love to join, but im currently doing a flight. Maybe next time! :)

Yeah, I just realised that, I changed it to .78. Thanks for the heads up

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You’re welcome! :))

I’m going to spawn in soon

Alright, I’m getting ready to spawn, we still have 45 minutes until departure so are you sure you wanna spawn so early

Does anyone have any questions about the flight?

@Qantas094 I’ve spawned in, you can if you want, take gate 6

Wilco mate

Can I take gate 7

Yeah, You got it

Copy my FPL