Delta Connection Group Flight KASE to KLAX 130000ZJUL19

  • Delta Connection CRJ-900:


  • 0000Z:

  • Server: Training:

  • *Please Arrive 15 Minutes Before Departure. My callsign will be SPYPLANE, please copy my flight plan to KLAX **:

The ETA in KLAX is 02:00 Zulu.


Please Be Respectful of ATC (I have organised ATC in KASE

Fly Runway Heading until 12,000 MSL (Airport is at 8000ft)

Cruising Altitude is 34,000ft

KASE: Departing Runway 33

KLAX: Landing Runway 24R (24L if needed)

I will be the first departure and N83PM will be Number 2

Cruising Speed will be M.78

Climb Speed is 240kts (280 past 18,000)

Climb Rate: 2500 V/S

Decent Details will be posted here when we are closer to KLAX.

Thank You and Happy Landings


Hey please delete the line at the top please

Oops, I forgot. Thanks

can I join?

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Of Course! I’d love for you to be there and welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!

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wait can I join in mobile?

Yeah, Anything that you have Infinite Flight Global on, this will be on the training server at Midnight GMT

What about EST time

The event will be at 8pm EST

Ok I might be able to attend and I think I saw you In Europe earlier today

What Server? I was flying from EGLL to EHAM on the training server earlier.

Yeah I saw you in training I was the Xcub on the same route

Oh Awesome, I think I remember you as well.

I had to divert to EHRD because EHAM wasn’t taking light aircraft at the time

I’m definitely joining in

Awesome, I’ll see you there.

See you there as well

I can come!

Perfect! I’ll be happy to have you

Also, There will be Ground and Tower provided.