Delta Confirms 787 order cancelation

I Know right

Thats funny, American, United, and Southwest are the only major carriers in the U.S who operate mainly Boeing aircraft

time to get rid of the delta livery

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Haven’t these airlines realized when they make stupid mistakes? At least AA got out of their idiocy by trading with Delta

This is why I wasn’t a fan of putting airlines that have not had planes at least painted in the livery of an aircraft.


Maybe they can replace it with ANA


I do hope they replace it with ANA livery, Though I think they won’t replace DAL 788 livery :(

Remember that they are yet to put the KLM 772 livery…

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Ohohohooooo this is awesome.
A major american airlines cancelling Boeing orders and going with Airbus and Bombardier instead.


NOO :(image

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This is horrible!
I bought the 787 in Infinite Flight because of the Delta livery. I am a huge Delta fan and I am crying right now😲😭

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The feels.

I read this in an article and this decision means that Delta can technically have a better product for its passengers flying long haul. This is because they use the A330 primarily whereas th competition uses the B777 and B787.


This makes me dislike Delta even more, wish Northwest was still around.

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Took the words out my mouth!

This REALLY annoys me hopefully they will have the 777x

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