Delta Confirms 787 order cancelation

Delta Airlines has announced that they have cancelled their order for 787. The order originally placed by Northwest Airlines before they merged with Delta in 2005.

This was talked about for a few years on cancelling it, in 2010 they differed deliveries to 2020, and soon it was differed to a beyond delivery timeline. It seems after multiple differs, Delta and Boeing agreed to a cancelation.

Delta will continue their deliveries of their 190 737-900ER’s as the last is scheduled to be delivered in 2019.


Delta will not be out of the new age as they have orders for A330 Neos and A350’s with the first A350 to arrive next year.



What do people think? Are Delta fans happy with this?


Rest In Peace #DL787

Rest In Peace Delta fans. Lol


Looks like the A350 order won out. Guess the 787 will be removed from IF.


Considering they did not remove the Transaero planes when that airline folded, it seems unlikely they will remove the plane.


The building numbers have not been assigned yet so they will build planes but the building numbers will be assigned to different airlines.

No way Airbus has won again. Delta loves Airbus while Northwest loved Boeing :-(


No actually most Airbus aircraft were from Northwest. In recent times American carriers are transitioning from their Boeing only fleets to more diverse Boeing and Airbus fleets which are probably saving the airlines thousands


Oh but they did like the 747 right?

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Well then, what’s the need for this in the sim?

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Y… this was the only 787 I was excited about… dammit now I don’t like delta anymore 😭😭👎


Dang, I was excited

Yeah, all the old A320s and A319s* are retrofitted NW planes. (A couple new ones sprinkled in.)

They still love their Mad Dogs, though.

*edit, originally had the wrong model


Not the A321 aircraft they were new aircraft, the first one was delivered this year. I’m like the Delta expert and I’m not even American 😂

Uh-Oh. Now we’re going to have people that are going to flood the forum talking about how unrealistic IF is because the Delta livery is on the 787.


I think this is already expected long before the official announcement, Many people already speculated that Delta will cancel their B787 orders. There were also some rumours that Delta and American will be swapping their orders (Delta will get the A350s ordered by American, And American will get the B787s ordered by Delta). But it’s sad to see Delta cancelled their orders for B787 (But it doesn’t mean I want Delta cancel their A350 Orders), It would be nice if Delta retain both aircraft in the fleet to meet the demands, Low and High demands

I think Delta 788 won’t be removed, like someone said in above, Though both Transaero and Air Austral cancelled their A380 Orders, But their liveries are still available in Infinite Flight. Though it may be slightly unrealistic. But it’s up to the devs wether they will remove the livery or not

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Yeah, I meant the 319. My mistake

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Not surprised, Delta does favor Airbus for their heavies. At least Boeing still have American and United

Delta is more a Airbus airline personaly i think the a350 is a better aircraft for them.

First the 747 and now this… :(

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I will remember to fly only with american and united #future787pilot