Delta Cargo A320-212 | Washington, April 23, 2018


For today’s Flashback post, we will be traveling to April 23, 2018, at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA/KDCA).

Aircraft Details

Airframe Information

|Operator|Livery|Aircraft|Registration|Delivery Date|Conversion Date|Airframe Age|Status|
Delta Cargo | Normal Livery | Airbus A320-212 | N365NW | March 1999 (To Northwest Airlines) | July 2008 (To NWA Cargo) | 20.7 Years | Active

N365NW is one of Delta Cargo’s older aircraft, as it was originally operated by Northwest Airlines and Northwest Cargo. It was part of a small fleet of Airbus A320P2F aircraft developed for NWA Cargo. These operated trunk freight routes to and from Northwest’s major hubs, including MSP, DTW, and NWA Cargo’s hub, ANC. After NWA Cargo was dissolved, the aircraft was leased to other operators, before it was added to the then-new Delta Cargo subsidiary.

The Aircraft

Don’t judge me, it’s not a good picture.


Fun Fact

This is known as a



This is the first of a series of old pictures.


Woah! It’s nice to see a cargo A320, I’ve never seen one before…


Nice fun facts to learn. I never knew an A320 freighter existed. Thanks for sharing


Knew this was a joke before viewing the topic, Delta does not have any cargo aircraft and N365NW has been flying passengers for who knows how long… 😂


Read the Fun Fact guys 😉

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I feel like this is a joke, is it?

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Waitttt… So this was a joke?! There’s no such thing?! 😖🤯

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Nice picture! But you can tell that it’s fake by the high exposure over the windows 😉

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Got it, you actually had me for a sec ;)

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There is an A320P2F, it just isn’t operated by Delta Cargo, which doesn’t have its own planes.

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The #real-world-aviation:spotting category is reserved for real planes. Thanks