Delta can’t even get their own aircraft correct!

I was looking at my flight to Sydney next year and noticed that we were taking a 777-200LR from Los Angeles to Sydney. Because it was such a long flight, I decided to check how many points it would cost to upgrade to business class. I checked the price (which was insane at 930,000 points) and looked at the amenities when I found this:

I found this hilarious because the picture of the aircraft described as a 777-200LR was actually a picture of an A350. What do you guys think of this?!


Delta is in the process of updating their website. Regardless if you were on an md88, it would also show an a350, as they still need to develope proper clip arts


It’s called a joke… something funny even though it’s not on purpose


Oh I am really sorry, I thought you were asking why it was like that… didnt know it was a joke


Boeing once posted a funny story on Instagram and showed the 737MAX as a 787MAX 😂. Even airline or manufacturer messes up sometimes. Although the reason is probably what @Delta350 said.


You should know that Delta is changing the service from a 777-200LR to an A350 still hilarious though 😂


Well they are clearly trying to get av geeks triggered


Lol it’s fine- I just found it funny

Honestly, Id prefer the A350 over the 777 lol. I literally just got off the delta A350 no more than 2 hours ago after a 11 hour flight (Tokyo-detroit), and it was fantastic.


Pictures? That would be cool to see!


Contrary to popular belief a lot of people working for airlines are not actually AV Geeks and so may only know what Boeing and Airbus are not what each plane looks like. It’s an administrative error and these things happen in every company.


LOL. When you think you get to fly on an A350 you’re exited.
Then the JT8D powers up for takeoff.

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That does look pretty amazing from the few things you can see. The Airbus aircraft are 100% the best for comfort and Delta will have the best long haul fleet at this rate over the big three thanks to them choosing to operate the A350 instead of the B787 and B77W like United and American.

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I definitely agree, the leg space was so much better, and the screen size was awesome. Also came with a personal charging port, which I’ve not seen in a 777 (which I flew at the beginning of summer)

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I even took a video of the entire takeoff but couldn’t post it here unfortunately. The engines were so much quieter than in a Boeing aircraft. I see how that would help with comfort but I’m personally a fan of hearing the engines roar but I guess you win some you lose some lol.

That happened to me when booking a flight on a 737-900ER! I wish!

Wait 787MAX, 797CONFERMED??!!??!?

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You are wrong, this is a boeing aircraft, obviously, since the winglets are not shark tooth winglets, the ones airbus uses

nvr mind, just found out the a350 doesnt use the shark winglets design. :) srry for bothering ya