Delta brings better food to international economy!

Good news Delta fans Delta recently announced better food and more in International economy flights! Delta will now have Hot towels, Welcome Cocktails, and better food.

Here it is!

(Photo via Delta)


Delta Airlines…my favorite legacy US carrier! :D

Hopefully, I get to experience this soon! :D


That looks real tasty 😋


At least they are starting to care more about customer satisfaction :)

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See this article. It certainly looks great, it will make their economy product far better in terms of the service! Hopefully it’s a success.

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Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. Something just doesn’t seem right. Hot towels and welcome drinks for everyone? That will be super expensive for the airline, not only because of the products but also because of the additional weight. How is that profitable when the ticket prices stay the same?

But maybe they’ll prove me wrong. Would be great to see some Economy improvements for once instead of cuts.


Depends really. The weight isn’t going to be too much of a problem. With the hot towels, they can be reused so the costs aren’t going to be much, the issue along with the drinks is the timing, they will need to be able to serve and collect everything all before pushback which may be a challenge. As for the food it’s just presented better and served more like a course setting in a restaurant ie nit everything all on one crowded tray.

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Delta’s long haul fleet is going through a metamorphosis that will reduce unit costs by around 3-5% when it’s all said and done. It looks like the service will remain relatively constant with the exception of the post-takeoff welcome drink which appears to be tray-based. If they can collect the cups during the first full drink service, I can’t imagine it taking more than 15-20 minutes with sufficient manpower.

In terms of incremental cost, most of it is probably baked in as flight catering isn’t cheap not due to ingredient costs, but fixed infrastructure and expertise costs.

The additional entrees may cost an extra $3-5 per service compared to existing meals. If we assume 2 full meal services per flight, plus 100% uptake on the bellinis and them costing $5 each, it will cost Delta at most an additional $15 per passenger, per flight. Divide it over a pessimistic average long haul stage length of 3,500 miles gives us a maximum incremental cost of 0.43 cents ($0.0043) per ASM, which is less than 3-5% of average systemwide unit cost (0.46-0.77 cents per ASM) reduction due to fleet upgrades. I would say it will pay for itself.


Just sent this to my mom whose flying to Amsterdam with Delta later this month

This new concept will start in November according to this article. Sadly, your mom won’t get this new experience just yet 😐

But Amsterdam is a beautiful city, so that’ll be something at least :)

Delta fam 💪😏

Delta never lets us down. ;)

My best / most favourite U.S Airline as seen for a European.

I’m so sorry, I’m French and I necer flew to the the US, it’s one of my dream. I dream of Seattle and Boeing every night…

There we go…way to get the ball rolling!

Good timing! Better Japanese food going back home on 7/31!
I’ll enjoy D1 food though 😉

Edit: saw it was November lol. Guess this is for me next year if this works out which I’m skeptical about

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