Delta Boeing 777-200 LR Ultra Long Haul

Delta Boeing 777-200 LR
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Time 23:00z

Forgot to post this earlier but I have safety arrived into Singapore from Fort Lauderdale. 22 hours down ✅


thats a cool route
another cool route with the DAL 77L - KJFK-VABB :wink:

I have also did that route before, it’s amazing 😎

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oh cool

Do KLAX-OTHH on the A359. 7800nmi, the plane can handle it easily with 300nmi range to spare.
It’s beautiful!

Cool! How to do it?

Already did that route before 😎✅

Those are some nice shots! Looks like a fun route to fly as well.

Fake route :(

Is not a real route, it was a challenge.

Next Challenge: Colombo To Sao paulo?

Or Colombo-Santiago

Ahhh that’s a challenge right there!!!