Delta Boeing 757 ScreenShot

DAL 1819
πŸ›« KMSY ➑️ πŸ›¬ KATL
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(Earlier today)
Safety down into Atlanta from New Orleans with a flight time of 1 hour. Beautiful view of the New Orleans, lovely view of Gulf of Mexico, awesome parallel landing with the Etihad Boeing 777-300, awesome departure of the CRJ and safety at the gate.

Excellent ATC service from @Gritz , @Adii, and @Rob_M.


Nice Pictures! However, this belongs in the #screenshots-and-videos category. Make sure to review the guidelines also to make sure everything is ok.

Done. Thanks for that. My apologies.

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Nice shots! Here you are from my perspective when you were intercepting with Etihad. Glad to hear you enjoyed the ATC!


This is my favorite airport to fly into/out of on the weekends! I live about 2 hours away from KATL IRL. It felt like a real experience because ATL uses the outer runways which is 27L/9R, 26R/8L, and 28/10 for arrival, and uses the inner runways which is 27R/9L and 26L/8R for departure. I know, I’m a nerd πŸ˜… but I truly enjoy this airport. Thank you for making it a realistic experience πŸ›«


I just went back through my replay and the CRJ pilot was @DeerCrusher πŸ‘€


Well that’s pretty fancy now isn’t it?! Great pics!


Thank you Captain πŸ›«

Ok I didn’t know you can open doors on a airliner in finfinte flight.

Depends what aircraft your flying. I believe only the Boeing 777 (all variants) and the Boeing 757 has animated doors.

Ok I got it thanks

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No problem Captain. Enjoy your day πŸ›«

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You too @Captain_Lewis I’ll be discussing with a few people about more liveries.

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Sounds good Captain πŸ‘Œ

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Thanks so bye!

A350: Is my cargo door a joke to you?

Sorry πŸ˜… I forgot all about the A350

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MD11F/DC10F: Are we a joke to you too?

Nice Job!!!

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Maaannn how many aircrafts did I miss??