Delta BCRF 767-400ER

Thanks to a tip-off from an amigo who works the ramp at CLT, I found out that Delta’s Breast Cancer Research Foundation-inspired Boeing 767-400ER registered N845MH (20 years old), had come into Charlotte yesterday evening from Detroit, with none other than the Detroit Lions onboard, for a Christmas Eve tilt against the Carolina Panthers.

BCRF first partnered with Delta back in '05, and since then, they have raised almost 20 million dollars, equal to funding almost 400,000 hours of breast cancer research.

I had quite the time narrowing down the location, but alas I was able to find it after all, and I must say she is quite the jet 😍

Also, this shot was just about perfect, but it’s the light pole every time. I swear.


I saw it at KATL parked on tuesday!

That’s a sick livery

I was staying at ATL, and she was parked in front of my hotel. We saw her push back early in the morning yesterday. Funny thing was, we were staying at CLT and got her landing. So I saw her twice on the same day at two different airports.

i saw it tuesday! were u there?

that comment is a little suspicious

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my bad bro 😭

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Bro not now 😭

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Nice saw that land at KLAX during the dork fest 2022

I drove in from North Carolina on Tuesday, and I didn’t arrive until night time, where I saw her get pulled in. I was staying at the Renaissance Concourse. Saw her get pushed back on Thursday Morning. Then got her arrival into CLT Thursday Night

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Nice! I guess u didint see me, i left at 10 on DL1355

Ah, makes sense.

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Was the wing coming out of the fence?

Thats cool!

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