Delta b777 to perth

This time an ultra long haul again after a while. This time in the Boeing 777-200(LR) of delta airlines. We departed in the afternoon from New York and arrived in the evening in Perth. We flew this flight eastbound because the calculated flight time was shorter due tailwind. I highly recommend this flight if you want to do a flight of 22 hours long. We had some nice scenery especially above the Middle East country’s like Iran. We’ve used the step climb method and our cruise speed was mach 0.83.

Information about this flight;

 • Server: expert server 
 • Aircraft: Boeing 777-200(LR) 
 • Livery: Delta airlines 
 • Route: KJFK-YPPH 
 • Callsign: Delta 777 Heavy 
 • Altitude: fl290 - fl310 - fl330 - fl350 - fl370 - fl390 - fl410
 • Speed: mach 0.83  
 • Flight time: 22 hours and 17 minutes 



Departed from runway 31L.

Sunset above the Atlantic Ocean.

Flying above Amsterdam.


Entering the Arabic sea.

Sri Lanka in the background.



Tomorrow I’ll post a screenshots and videos topic about a flight from Havana to Warsaw in the LOT Boeing 787-8.


This is very impressive man! 22 hours! Wow
Great pictures 😎

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Thank you!

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Do you still have the flight plan, if you do could you please pm it to me, this flight sounds fun as hell

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I don’t have the flightplan because I did this flight a while ago when I didn’t saved my flightplans.

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I really wish that Delta still operated the 777-200!

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