Delta B777-200ER (2000-2007 livery)



love the tail design


Excellent livery.

You guys flying?

u really know about selecting good liveries. U should get the livery scouter position, lol

by the way, the korean air behind, deserves another post ;)


I accept the responsibilities of the job.

Real life? No.

Ouch. Clashy blues and a bad taste. No way.

Don’t be so negative Kermit, the old style triangle is still there.


Haha. I guess so.


wavy gravy colors doesn’t look so great on any delta widebody IMO

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Agreed, but it looks great over the white part of the fuselage.

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I flew on delta when I went to Orlando and this livery just looked so distinctive and cool to see on a row of planes at atlanta

Please no. This livery was an absolute atrocity to Delta. It killed the Widget and replaced it with this…this…Luxembourg national flag. No way Jose`

The widget is still there though and anyway it’s not going to mean they change it back its just to have something from their past wether it be good or bad :)

Sadly this wasn’t added. It can be closed now.

Love the tail but the rest is meh

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I love itđź‘Ś

This is one of my favorite liveries.

I never knew that Delta had this kind of livery.