Delta B767-200 ATL1996 Livery

We need this added in Infinite Flight. It is a nice livery that hasn’t been added, I DONT KNOW WHYYYYY!


Hi, please vote here:

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There is a 767-900???

As much as I like Delta, this livery is not really to my taste. I know others will disagree.

Also, it looks like it is a duplicate judging by the post @Thunderbolt linked above :)

@Thunderbolt its a 3 years old post, maybe a more recent one would be better. Otherwise this topic is not showing a lot of informations about the livery, aircraft etc. so please add the things needed.😁
Good day!

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I noticed that this aircraft in Infinite Flight doesn’t exist, IF has the 767-300 not the 200.🤔

Duplicate, vote for original. No new information added here from original.