Delta B757 makes emergency landing after engine failure

Just to be clear, the 757 as well as the C17 use PW2000s which have served for ages without any incident. The incident engine(s) on the two UA 772s, the 744 in Maastricht and the JAL 772 near Okinawa were all PW4000. Just as @CPT_Colorado pointed out with Deer’s post, speculation won’t help in any way. The NTSB and all other relevant parties all know their jobs.

It’s definitely not a Boeing problem 😉


I did have a look on the internet to see if I could find any images regarding the incident, but nothing seemed to tie into it

Aircraft make emergency landings all the time for various mechanical reasons, and typically it doesn’t get reported on. It is highly possible that this isn’t as drastic as it’s being made out to be, and is simply gaining a lot of media traction because of the 747 and 777 incidents only recently. The media will spin anything in their own favour

The media are reporting several different things in regards to the incident. The most common information I’ve found between them is that the aircraft landed safely, didn’t appear to be damaged and returned to the gate using its own power with no assistance. No further information has been provided, but at this point it could just be something as simple as a warning light.

“A Delta spokeswoman said the plane diverted “out of an abundance of caution following an indicator warning of a possible problem with one of its engines.””

Once again, this doesn’t put Boeing to blame. They don’t build the engines, and they also don’t do regular checks on them. That falls upon PW and the airline. Boeing have had a rough couple of years, don’t pin blame on them they don’t deserve.


Well said @Kirito_77 👍