Delta B757 makes emergency landing after engine failure

I’d like to join as well please!

That’s the media for ya

United, Delta… Who else?

Japan Airlines


Not Southwest 😅

I would also like to point out something Deer mentioned was

Hopefully investigations come to a conclusion soon!


I agree with your statement @Zhopkins.
Nothing more to add here but wait for the conclusive result which many take weeks/months
Let’s hope there’s no more incidents of this kind

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Usually those full investigations can take months to years.

Hopefully fast enough for enough concrete evidence to figure out exactly what happened to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

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It really makes you wonder if Pratt & Whitney didn’t follow the airworthiness directive and findings from the 2018 United 777-200 (United #1128) incident in Honolulu where they were basically caught up in inspector issues (not having enough, claiming it was new technology, etc…) related to fan blades (which seems to be the common theme here) or if it was just fatigue related to the pandemic somehow…

2018: NTSB Probable Cause: the fracture of a fan blade due to P&W’s continued classification of the TAI (thermal acoustic imaging) inspection process as a new and emerging technology that permitted them to continue accomplishing the inspection without having to develop a formal, defined initial and recurrent training program or an inspector certification program. The lack of training resulted in the inspector making an incorrect evaluation of an indication that resulted in a blade with a crack being returned to service where it eventually fractured. Contributing to the fracture of the fan blade was the lack of feedback from the process engineers on the fan blades the inspectors sent to the process engineers for evaluation of indications that they had found.


I didn’t realised @DeerCrusher had the same theory as me 😂
I wouldn’t be surprised if theres something behind it

Thanks for the info @Enigma

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Ive just remembered I’ve read earlier that Japan Airlines 777 suffered a similar episode only back in December 2020, with P&W engine failure is that what you referring to @KTJ_Mitchell? I completely missed your post!

Seems like some “internal affairs” at PW if I had to armchair quarterback what the issue was.

I guess we’ll find out in a few months (years) when the NTSB is done.

I hate to say it - but I feel bad for Boeing here.


Everyone who does actual reasearch with the Engine process on Aircraft and what Boeing’s role is should feel this


Yes it’s not looking great for Boeing with the Max 737 shambles. However as far I am concerned Boeing is complicit with the two flight crash disasters. The management knew there’s issues but decided producing x amount of planes per month to make mega profits is more important.
That’s corporate failure right there and I don’t have any sympathy for them except the thousands of workers that sadly lost their jobs and livehoods due to incompetence by the management at the top

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I feel like aircraft type should be shown with the engine manufacturer more predominant.

“Boeing 777-200 (Pratt and Whitney 4000 engines)”

“Boeing 737 MAX8 (CFM LEAP-1B engines)”

this will have people at the gate googling even more… lol


Yep! That is indeed my reference!

Oh definitely… when they decided to hand the reigns of the business over from the engineer to the MBA - this was the end of actual safety in my opinion. It’s the same across a lot of industries, especially automobiles. It’s a shame for Boeing though, the whole MAX thing… I’ve flown on quite a few of them (pre-grounding) - it’s really an amazing aircraft… thankfully I lived to tell about it.

Companies will see customers die and literally as it’s happening they start to hold meetings and then focus groups with capitlistic recovery based names such as “What went wrong”, “Can we blame someone else?”, or “How can we get through this…” - it’s all about the Benjamin’s now.

You are right about the safely aspect @Enigma
Remember Volkswagen emissions scandal?
It’s the systemic toxic corporate culture that rise to everyone attention when things go disastrously wrong.
It’s everywhere happening on a daily basis.
I believe in the cause and effect.
I suspect it goes deeper than what everyone is seeing what’s happening with the aviation industry.

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I mean there’s diversions and emergency’s every day that include engine failures. People are just paying more attention to this incident because of the United 772 incident that happened this week.

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