Delta b752 EGLL-KBOS

Hi IFC, recently i did a flight to LHR to BOS with a b752 a plane that can fly trans atlantic routes! so i decided to take some pics and share them because im bored.

if you want to read

flight time:5:55
cruise altitude:FLT350

sitting at gate getting ready for the flight

now finishing push back now starting engine 2

now lining up on runway 27L

V1, rotate! now to KBOS

now cruising at FLT350 and above a Alitalia b777-200er!

now we decended and now turning base to line up with the approach of runway 33L

eh, not my best landing not a greasy or butter

now at the gate so now the aircraft just sits there:-|

so ya thats all i have hope you enjoy the photos!


Excellent photos! Thanks for the share :D

Great pictures 😀