Delta Attacks American With Four New Destinations From Miami

Delta Air Lines has announced an expansion from Miami International Airport

(Image by Delta/Embraer)

This follows Delta Air Lines’ 20% stake in LATAM announced back in September 2019.

Delta will add 13 new daily flights from Miami:

Miami to Orlando (MCO)

  • 5 times daily operated by the E-175

Miami to Tampa (TPA)

  • 5 times daily operated by the E-175

Miami to Raleigh/Durham (RDU)

  • 2 times daily operated by the E-175

Miami to Salt Lake City

  • 1 time daily operated by the 737-800

Delta currently operates flights from Miami to its hubs in New York (JFK & LGA), Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Minneapolis and has flights to Havana and seasonal service to Columbus, Ohio.

LATAM passengers from Belém, Buenos Aires, Fortaleza, Lima, Manaus, Punta Cana, Recife, Santiago, Salvador de Bahia, and São Paulo will be able to connect onto these flights in Miami.

This expansion is very significant as Miami is a major American Airlines hub, who used to partner with LATAM until Delta’s stake in LATAM.

The two airlines lately have been fighting a war, with the most recent being American Airlines’ new expansion in Boston: Crazy: American Airlines Announces 3 New Routes From Boston & Starts A Bloodbath

Overall, it’ll be interesting to see AA’s move following this. They’ll likely dump capacity onto these routes as an attempt to push Delta out.


I have predicted the future my friends 🧙‍♂️


Wow this is awesome!

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I feel like this was in response to AA adding routes like San Jose to Austin (SJC-AUS) and Austin to Boston (AUS-BOS), places where Delta is pretty big at

The tensions between these 2 airlines are not the best right now…


Yay RDU…

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Wow I am surprised that they are using an E175

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Truthfully this goes WAY back. Possibly starting with American pulling China Southern away from Delta’s SkyTeam.

Following that, we saw Delta retaliate by pulling LATAM away from American and Oneworld.

Then, American added Boston to Nassau, Grand Cayman, Key West, and London

Next, IAG bought Air Europa and pulled another SkyTeam member away from Delta.

Then American added AUS-BOS/SJC/SJD and BOS-RDU/IND/ILM.

And now Delta has responded to American with Miami.


United and Southwest and sitting back and grabbing the 🍿


I doubt Delta will last. American has proven to be very good at defending their hubs. AA has managed to drive both WOW and Icelandair out of DFW, JetBlue off of DCA-JAX and nearly off of BOS-CLT, and they’ve kept Delta and United out of DFW for a while now.

Americans popularity in terms of quality and service is slowly going down the drain. Delta will surely keep these new routes, as the quality of the airline keeps going up.

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American may be of slightly lower quality, but AA has a massive network, tons of code shares, and an amazing loyalty program. AA has defended their hubs very well in the past by using their size, code shares, and loyalty program to their advantage.

cough couch Project Oasis

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Yeah it could’ve been a long chain of events and right now another strike has been dealt

Maybe AA could respond and add MIA-SJC, where they would have a monopoly from a hub of theirs to a focus city of Delta’s! :D

I wonder what is going to happen with these 2 airlines next

In response to the new delta flights, American has increased to 2 more flights adding up to 5 flights daily

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American’s adding 5 more flights to Orlando and 2 more to Raleigh/Durham and Tampa.

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