Delta announces “special” Las Vegas to Shanghai service in January




Delta has announced that they will add another route to Shanghai from Las Vegas In January ,following the addition of a route to Shanghai from Delta’s Home,Atlanta.Speaking of KATL-ZSPD,this route will be part of a multi leg that goes like this:KATL-KLAS-ZSPD and ZSPD-KLAS-KATL.The Aircraft That will be used on this new route will be the 77L which will have 37 lie flat seats in Delta One,36 eco comfort seats and 218 in the main cabin(economy).The flight will have inflight WiFi and power ports at every seat.The flight number will be shared with the KATL-ZSPD flight
DL 186 and DL 185.
This will add to the routes to Asia as delta has KLAS-RJAA and KLAS-KRSI going for then already

My thoughts

This is interesting as delta has surprising amount Of INTL routes out of KLAS.Many flights are built on codeshares and partnerships like the KLAS-RKSI route which is a partnership with Korean Air.
Shanghai will have a great flight to the popular tourist destination,I think this route will benefit a lot as i don’t think there is a route to Shanghai from KLAS.
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Very nice! Maybe I should leave the U.S. to come out of my hole…

They do something similar every year, and so do American, United, and a few others. It’s for the weekend of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and is a reaction to the increased demand during those 3 days.


This is for the CES event in Las Vegas. Other airlines will also be operating special flights during this time period.

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CES is an awesome time in Vegas. We get a whole bunch of heavy metal we don’t usually see (like the Delta A350) and airlines that are not common for Vegas, such as Qatar and Emirates.

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Good on Delta for doing this!

Although, if the route is operated by a B77L, why did you show us a 777-200ER? Its no big deal, but just pointing it out.


Yeah I noticed that but I didn’t really care

GREAT to hear new service to KLAS!!!

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