Delta Announces New Flights From New York and Boston

Delta Announces New Flights From New York and Boston


Delta airlines has announced news flights from New York and Boston, like ley to compete with JetBlue.

Delta will launch service to Toronto Pearson from both LaGuardia and Boston. They will be operated by Republic Airways on the Embraer 175. Los Angeles to Boston will also get an upgrade, with lay-flat seats coming back on the 757 for those flights.

Delta will also be upgrading service from Boston to Cincinnati, using a new A220 instead of the former 717 on that route.

Starting October 4th, Delta will also be launching flights from Boston to Dallas Fort Worth as well as Charlotte. Obviously, these are American hubs, so we can see the competition.

What do you think about these new delta flights?


Well well… how the tables have turned.

I am quite surprised by this, and I can see two things happening, either it will succeed and it grows because of competition which would cause AA to react, or it will fail because AA dominates those hubs and people will probably stick with them.

I like this, and wonder what is going to happen!

Wish they were coming to SAT from BOS and JFK but still cool.

I know there is plenty of demand between LGA and YYZ (living in Toronto for 8 years) and the A220 to RDU will be a nice upgrade on a few routes from the CRJs. Overall I like where this is going

If this is gonna be flown by an A220 I will scream in agony.


CLT no, DFW yes

And I’ll scream in joy hehe

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BOS-DFW is the A220-100.

BOS-CLT is the E175.

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All this but they won’t bring back TXKF-KBOS

Hey atleast I get to hear another 757 on takeoff.

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