Delta and WestJet joint business for cross-border flights

“Delta Air Lines and Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet have reached an agreement to create a joint business on routes between the USA and Canada.

Through the deal, Delta and WestJet also intend to make connections between their flights more convenient and more closely integrate frequent-flyer programmes.

Delta in December will serve nine Canadian cities, most of them from hubs in Atlanta and Minneapolis-St Paul, FlightMaps Analytics shows.

WestJet will serve more than a dozen US cities in the month. Most of those cities are warm-weather destinations in the southern USA, though the carrier recently added flights to northern US cities like Boston and New York.”


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I know Delta and WestJet have been partners for a while now, is this in addition to that?

It is an addition.
“The proposed “comprehensive transborder joint venture” would see the carriers coordinate flight schedules, launch new routes and expand an existing codeshare agreement, the carriers say on 6 December.“

They’ve been partners for quite some time, and I believe this is just advancing the partnership to a better stage.

On a side note, I think this is gonna make things a lot nicer and simplier when it comes to WestJet/Delta transfers. I believe WestJet is adjusting the schedule on some flights to reduce layover times. Not 100% sure though. It’s a good read!

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Hopefully it makes them cheaper too…WestJet are a great low-cost airline, but as soon as you’re connecting to a Delta flight, the price skyrockets to the point where it’s cheaper to fly Air Canada. Cheaper flights would be a huge benefit to me, considering my girlfriend lives in Sydney, AU


More competition means lower prices, so overall good news for consumers that travel frequently between the border.

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This is definitely interesting. Maybe it is a sign WestJet is considering joining Skyteam.


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