Delta and United 767

Anyone know why Delta are yet to replace their 767s with more efficient twin jet widebodies, i e. 787 a330 a350. Delta even opted to retire the 777 but keep the 767s?


the 767s are being replaced by the A330neo
they’ll be gone by around 2024

767s use the CF-6
777s used the Trent 800s and GE90s
so, 777s had a higher maintenance cost because of 2 different types of engines, unlike the 767 that uses only one engine type
and it also looks like delta needs the 767s

hope this helps :)


Its because Delta has amazing maintenance, which means they can keep older jets looking new, meaning they spend less money on new jets.


Watch this video, it explains a ton.

The gist is, basically Delta and United each have a ton of them and they serve medium demand markets based off it’s range and capacity, and there aren’t many efficient planes that fill that role any more. Basically the only airplane that could replace it would be the A330-800neo, and these are extremely expensive. That’s why airlines are holding onto the 767s as long as they can, because they don’t want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy new planes until it’s absolutely essential.


I thought Delta used PWs…

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And somehow manage to keep new jets looking old 😂

HA, yes that is true.

Quite funny.

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