Delta and maybe more (Delta)

One I’ve posted here before but this is a collage sooo.


This route is JFK-SLC

This one is from TXKF-KATL

Here we are flying ATL-SEA parked at ATL

The last one we have SEA-ABQ for a delta event

All photos are edited!


Great shots! Loved them keep it up!

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Especially the last one,gorgeous.

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Thanks I try to do my best my favorite personally are the 1 and 6th shots

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The other ones are great too! I look forward to see your next couple of shots!

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Thanks! I is will certainly be doing lots of flight soo many more to come 🙃

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Love the way you did the dark shots with the A350


Thanks it like a wallpaper almost I actually have one of them as my home screen on my iPad lol.

Great photos!

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