Delta and INOP APUs

I fly at least twice a week and almost every MD-88, 90, and 717 I’ve been on lately had a INOP APU. I know Delta has some new CS100s on order, but this is getting ridiculous. Anyone else experience this?

No, I fly frequently too on Delta, especially the MD-88, MD-90, 717.

Yes. Had this on their 717s a couple weeks back. Then delay because they couldn’t cool the aircraft enough without the APU powered air conditioner. Landed, shut down, no lights because no APU. It’s great.

Flew through Atlanta twice in past two weeks. Happy to report the B738, B739 and two B717s were in good working order. No issues this time. And it’s HOT there now.

Had 757s both ways to FLL with the new interiors, no issues.

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