Delta and Aeromexico Quick Photoshoot [Closed]

Hello community members!

Recently, I thought of having a personal photo of some Delta aircrafts and Aeromexico aircrafts parking next to each other. In the real world aviation, Delta and Aeromexico are now great partners! I saw a lot of ads around my area about Delta and Aeromexico. Therefore, I would like to ask some of you to join me in this quick photoshoot. There will not be any group flights during the photoshoot, but you guys can do group flights after the photoshoot. I just needed a photo of some Delta and Aeromexico aircrafts.

The photoshoot will take place at Tampa Airport in the Miami region on the Training Server. Don’t worry, there won’t be any nimrods around, I hope… Since this will take place on the Training Server, I ask all of you to remain professional at all times!

This is my first photoshoot, so if I did something wrong or if this is in the wrong category, or if this post shouldn’t belong in the community, feel free to flag and close it. Fyi, this is not an event!

This is happening now, so I hope to see you guys there!


Enroute my dude! What gates? Aircraft restrictions? (Delta B747)

I am at Gate E68 at KTPA in a B737-700 Aeromexico :) @Balloonchaser

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No aircraft bigger than a 757!

Come on guys we need more Delta aircrafts!

Gates E for the photoshoot

Here are the gates for the Aeromexico aircrafts:
E68: CannedAviation (me)
Gates for Delta:
E65: @Balloonchaser
E67: @Brandon_K

Taking photos now. Hang in there guys

Might be better to plan it out for a set date and time so more pilots could come :)


Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep that in mind for the next photoshoot :)


Ok guys we’re done. Thanks for attending :)

No problem! Share the pictures if you can! :)

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I’ll share them on Best IF Photos. I’ll be editing them to make it look fancy :)

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