Delta_Alpha_Lima ATC Tracking Thread [TS1] [Closed]

Hey Community,
This is my new ATC Tracking Thread. It is moderator approved and will be used for when I am doing ATC [Not for when I am controlling for TSATC]. My old Tracking Thread was closed to a glitch which did not allow me to edit the title or any of my posts, which is necessary for a Tracking Thread. The following info will be given for when I am controlling:

  • Airport ICAO

  • An estimation of how long I will be controlling

  • Suggestsd aircraft to fly

  • Frequency (mainly Tower & ground)


Hope I can make one of your controlling sessions!


Moved it to #atc for you ;)

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Oh gosh I totally forgot to do that 😆😆

Thanks Frankie!


I’m opening up KSLC TS1 for a little bit. Come by and fly some patterns!


20-30 minutes

Any aircraft

Departure & Approach

Now open:



Open for 30-45 minutes

Aircraft at your discretion (Keep it realistic)

Tower & Ground

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Sad I can’t come to fly. At cruise in the MidWest right now. Best of luck

Hey guys sorry for the long delay in ATC operations. I am still working on improving my ATC skills, and eventually becoming a member of the IFATC team. I still have quite a few more operations to accumulate, but I will do whatever it takes to helping out the ATC side of things on the Expert Server.

I plan on doing some ATC later today and if not today, tomorrow, so stay tuned and come on out when I am open. Thanks!

Hey guys! I’ll be open for 30-45 minutes! I would really appreciate it if you stopped by!

  • RJTT

  • 30-45 minutes

  • Aircraft is your choice

  • Tower & Ground

  • TS1

If a regular could change the title that would be appreciated! :)


RJTT is now closed. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!


Hey guys! I’m back at ATC again!


  • 40-50 minutes

  • Aircraft is you choice

  • Tower & Ground

  • TS1

If you have time, please stop by as it would mean a bunch! Constructive criticism is welcomed.

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ATC is now closed. Thanks for showing up!

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Hey guys! I am currently open at YBCS! Feel free to stop by and get some quality patterns in!

  • YBCS

  • TS1

  • Cessna’s

  • Ground & Tower

  • 20-40 minutes

Session is now closed.

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