Delta Airlines Trip Reports | Boeing 717 and Airbus A320

Hello all!

In August of this year, I had the privilege to head down to Mexico with my Family for vacation.

The routes we took were:

For the sake of space, I’ll be combining two reports into one! The seats on the A321 were the same as the A320. So I’ll be doing one for the 717 and one for the A320.

Delta 572: KHPN-KATL

This was the first leg of the trip! I was fortunate enough to have a first class seat for this trip.

The boarding process was good enough. HPN gets rather crowded in the morning, but we made it. Delta crew has always been amazing! This flight was no different. They allowed me to head to the flight deck and speak to the pilots.

After 15 minutes of conversation and a few photos, it was over to my seat. Unfortunately, I have no photos of my seat. I do have a photo of the great 717 flight deck!

The seat on this flight was the standard first class seat you will see on the 717 aircraft. There was no seat-back entertainment, but that was no problem! Delta offers free in-flight WiFi for messaging and streaming movies/TV shows. The seat was comfortable, and came with a pillow and blanket!

I did not get any photos.

I just had to share this amazing photo. It was foggy at HPN, but breaking through the clouds is always an incredible feeling.

In-flight service
In-flight service is always great on Delta! I have always been impressed by their crews positive attitudes and kind demeanor. Snacks were passed out during the flight, and they were always checking up on our drinks.

It was still early so I just grabbed a banana and some cheezits as a “breakfast”.

Yes, I had Diet Coke at 8am. Don’t worry, I got coffee in ATL. I need my caffeine!

The rest of the flight passed by uneventfully. After landing in ATL, we made our way to our other gate for the flight to MMPR. The flight review you’ll see next is on the return leg to KATL.

Delta 398: MMPR-KATL

This flight was a bit longer, and was operated on the Airbus A320. Not a huge fan, but it’s a comfortable plane for sure! Like the first one, I was very lucky to have a first class seat.

This crew was just as friendly as ever! They as well let me head to the flight deck to talk with the pilots. I always enjoy hearing about their jobs and learning new things. The first officer was the pilot flying, and he ran me through the departure briefing. It was really interesting! The SID restricted their speed so they had to keep flaps in for longer than usual.

Here’s a photo I managed to get.

This seat was incredible! Plenty of legroom, a large tray table, and seat back entertainment.

Here is the full seat (Please note this is the seat of the A321. They are the same.)

The tray table was large and there was plenty of legroom!

One thing I love about DL is their seat back entertainment. They have main-stream movies, and high quality screens to watch them on! They have never failed to impress me. My flights always fly by (pun intended) when I am flying with DL.

In-flight service
This flight was long enough for meals to be offered. I received an email a few days before the flight allowing me to pre-order my meal! I chose this delicious chicken and rice dish.

It was delicious! Of all the airlines I’ve had meals on, Delta always wins! The chicken was not too dry, and came with a nice marinara sauce to dip. The rice, peppers, and chicken came together to make a great meal!

In addition to my great seat and movies, I couldn’t help but enjoy the view from 35,000 feet!

So that’s my trip report from my summer trip to Mexico!

There will be more coming in the near future.

I hope you all have a wonderful day/evening, and I’ll see you in the skies!


Nice trip report looks amazing , Looks like you had a good time, very cool !

First pic is amazing. Definitely can agree that FC on the A320 and especially the B712 is a very good thing to have. Recently had 2A on the A320 and 2D on the B712. Great DL FC service and quality as always. Wish I could take a trip down to Puerto Vallarta.

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@Pilot_urp thanks! I’ve flown FC on the 717 before and it’s always impressed me. They don’t slack off, even for such a small aircraft. Thanks for the kind words!

@Armani_B thanks bud!

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Nice trip report! I’ve actually flown ATL-HPN before!

This brings back memories from my mom being a flight attendant with them. They are always so nice to their passengers.

@snoman awesome! I train out of HPN so I love it a lot.

@KennedyTurner that’s pretty cool. You’re right, they have always been great :)

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Unfortunate that Delta didn’t give you a meal. DL gives meals on flights between ATL and the “big three” NYC airports, but I guess HPN isn’t included.
Anyways, great reporting.

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Glad you enjoyed your flights :). Glad you got to experience First Class.

I’m hoping to fly them sometime soon from Manchester, NH to San Salvador, SAL.

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I always love flying on Delta IMHO they are amazing always have great service wonderful staff and I always have an amazing experience with them where ever I go flying Delta I’m glad that you had an enjoyable experience with them!


I flew first class DAL-ATL; extremely comfortable on the A320!

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Very nice Will! Hope you enjoyed Mexico! I’m flying on Delta in June to Detroit on their 739. Haven’t flown them since 2013 so I’m excited for that!

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Awesome! Their 739 is great. I’m planning a review of my flight from KSEA-KJFK on it.

Enjoy :)

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Awesome trip reports man! You’re lucky that you managed to get in the flight deck 😉


Just ask the crew!

Looks like a great flight! I’d love to fly Delta one day!

Might want to fix that

Otherwise, amazing trip report!

Don’t know how I missed that! lol.

Thanks for the kind words.

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Great trip report! Enjoyed looking at it!

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