Delta Airlines “Team USA” A330-900NEO

This is my first livery suggestion, but I personally think it would be great if we could get the special “Team USA” livery on the Delta A330-900NEO. This livery was added a while back when Delta became the official sponsor of the USA Olympics team.


Hi, I agree this would be an awesome livery to have added!!!
I recommend posting this in Features requests

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One word to describe this livery…MURICA!

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Hey there! Per Features guidelines special liveries are not permitted.

You can read more about the livery rules when requesting down below.
(About the Features Category):

Continuing on, you are currently TL1 or Basic User, this means you cannot create a Features topic at this time. You may be wondering how you can. For this to happen, you must be TL2 or higher, TL2 is “Member”.

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