Delta Airlines stirring controversy after kicking conservative speaker from a flight

This is simply idiotic. That’s called discrimination and that’s illegal. It wasn’t that

my condescending nature was aimed at her not you RTG


The women on the bottom right looks like she’s about say “_____ please!”


I am not even going to get political, but the fact that she is complaining that she lost her comfort+ seat and got moved to economy class is ridiculous. PEOPLE GET DRAGGED OFF OF PLANES AND BARLEY COMPLAIN ABOUT IT.


She wasnt even in an Delta Comfort seat. That was a fabrication. A couple of us even posted the link to the seating assignment of her aircraft and none have Exit row Delta comfort. All she did was payed $30 to select an exit row seat, which even then there is always the likelihood of exit row seat rearrangment for safety reasons etc.


Omg, shes complaing because she cant sit at a exit seat. Smh

Oh no not that. She was moved to a different seat in the same row. A window seat actually. Really what she is complaining about is being moved from an aisle seat to a window seat. Both which you would still have to pay $30 to select so really she is complaining about nothing but not being in an aisle seat.


Lol, why would she want an aisle seat.

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Really she’s complaining about being moved, which is just stupid

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Talk about a persecution complex.

Delta hates Republicans? So, they would do everything in their power to spite…half of the population? Great business model.

That makes a lot more sense than…any other reasonable explanation, such as, oh, off the top of my head, she hadn’t checked in 40 minutes before the flight when Delta goes through and upgrades to First Class and Comfort+ based on an automated list for every flight.


Regardless of who this person is, what political affiliation they have, or any other specific item of note, the deeper issue is that this is just a deplorable and despicable way for any human being to respond to such a trivial request. I put her in the same class of people as the doctor that was removed from a United flight a few months back. They are really no different, kicking and screaming like their diapers have been full for hours! Someone please give them a fresh change and a dose of baby powder and lets move on. :)

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