Delta Airlines stirring controversy after kicking conservative speaker from a flight

Apparently Ann Coutler was kicked from her comfort+ seat, and it was given to someone else. She apparently got really mad, and even resorted to posting a picture of the person on Twitter who got her seat.

There are so many tweets after that as well, just scroll through her feed!
I am Republican but I feel that was definitely too far. I heard it may be because she checked in after the required check-in time, but some Republicans/Conservatives are claiming it’s because Delta hates Republicans.
Delta then responded on Twitter:

Personally I feel that Delta definitely should not have removed her from her seat since she paid extra for it, but what she said about the customer who got her seat was completely uncalled for. What are your thoughts?
Please don’t start any fights and avoid talking politics in a large scale please!


They should form a partnership with United:-D
They aren’t the first airline to do it.


Delta shouldn’t have kicked her out, not fair. She paid for it.

But the things she said to the crew and other passengers during the incident was worse.


Yes, I 100% agree with what you said. @Reedgreat


Funny how she was put in the same exact row so the same exact type of seat. This chick is full of it. Same row the only difference was it wasnt an aisle seat it was a window. The difference is nominal from this link for aircraft used would be that either all the seats in the row would be delta comfort (A319J config) or would be an A320 (32K) config or A320 (32R) config… All of which offer full Delta preferred across the entire 15th row (which is where she was seated in. The other A319 doesnt have 15th row Delta preferred seating… Outright she was complaining about nothing and any avgeek would be able to see that she is merely complaining that she didnt get an aisle seat. This has nothing to do with her being bumped from here premium seat at all. Info for her seating can be found here in the NYTimes post.

Dont even begin to defend this woman when she started attacking the employees and other passengers. This isnt a me defending Delta because I like Delta of the Legacy Carriers. This is purely false information being thrown out by Ann Coulter in the sake of getting publicity.

If you read the article I attached you can see Ann Coutler acts like a school child by personally attacking the fellow passenger. Not to mention you are reading a conservative leaning newspaper that blatantly has previously blown facts out of proportion for the sake of riling up emotions. Might be better to read an article from a site that is not partisan at all, like the NY times which unlike as Trump and the alt right likes to shout, is not a partisan newspaper.


That was the only article I could find that wasn’t from a biased source like Fox News, CNN, Brietbart, Huff. Post, etc…
Plus, it may have been the same seat type, but why should she have to move when she already booked it? Again I’m not saying she was in the right to cry about it.
And I never said that she should have attacked the passenger like that, aka defending her. If you read my whole post you would see I am against it as well…


I mean, a passenger can’t get expelled of its seat. (And apparently she was given a seat that was the same… so… yeah)
I mean, a passenger can’t be rude to airline employees.


Yup, that’s exactly what I’m saying!


Except NYT is full of crap (sorry my opinion!) . Not to mention you’re avoiding the fact that she paid for that seat - but obviously she was wrong in her reaction. Everyone’s insane these days!


Haha, real funny joke…


Call me an extra-sleuth here, but I figured something out.

Ann Coulter’s twitter shows this picture:

Those overhead bins are only found on the retrofitted A319s and A320s. Based on the presence of IFE, that means the aircraft in question Ms. Coulter was on was a retrofitted A319.

When you look at the picture in the very first post, it is clear that that is an exit-row seat (not a Comfort+ seat). The article mentions she was sitting in the aisle seat, which based on the seat map for the retrofitted A319 (aka the 31J configuration), it is clear that she originally reserved a “preferred” seat in either 15C or 15D. Looking at the row numbers above the overhead bins in the picture I mentioned in the beginning of this post, it is clear that Ms. Coulter is now seated in 15A, with the photo taken looking at 15B and 15C.

Ms. Coulter did not book a Comfort+ seat, but rather an exit row seat. Due to operational difficulties (such as special needs, etc.), it is common for airlines to rebook passengers requiring assistance into the exit row aisle seats to ensure they can properly move in and out of their seats during boarding. This is the same reason why 2 bulkhead seats in economy are normally blocked off until 24hrs before departure.

If one looks at post #1, the picture posted shows the lady in Ms. Coulter’s original seat holding a piece of paper with a Delta logo at the top and a barcode at the bottom. This is only given to passengers either when their seat assignment differs from their own (due to upgrade, op. necessity, etc.) or when a standby passenger is given a seat during the boarding process.

This leaves the lady in 15D with 2 options: either she was a non-rev passenger who grabbed that seat last-minute, or she had her seat changed at the last minute. Within 24hrs, it is extremely unlikely that someone with special needs requests a specific seat (they typically do so during or just after booking). If that was the case, then it is Ms. Coulter’s lack of judgment for a person who truly needed the seat. Alternatively, Ms. 15D swapped seats at the last minute and got the paper slip to reflect her new seat assignment. This is also unlikely, seeing as seat changes in the last few hours before departure (where the boarding pass seat differs from the actual seat) are unlikely, yet still possible. This leaves the possibility that Ms. 15D is a non-rev passenger, who was assigned the seat at the gate and received the slip to denote her seat assignment. Ms. 15D’s ticket has the space where the term “NRSA” would be printed blocked by her arm, so it is impossible to deduce whether she was a non-rev or simply got a seat that differed from her previous seat at booking.

So how does this happen? The most likely explanation I can think of is a passenger requesting the seat, prompting Delta to change the seat of Ms. Coulter, then having said passenger not need the seat anymore due to some reason. This would render the seat empty and able for anyone to either be cleared into that seat or change into that seat. Otherwise, Delta has no right to change the seat of Ms. Coulter. I do know from experience though that people sitting in prime seats for passengers who need them (ie. bulkhead seats, exit row seats, and aisle seats) that random seat changes do occur prior to departure. In that case, it was Ms. Coulter’s responsibility to check whether or not her seat assignment would be honoured. In a sense however, it is also Delta’s responsibility to notify the passenger when their seat assignment is changed before boarding (I lost my prime window-bulkhead Comfort+ seat and sucked it up in a middle seat afterwards due to a lack of notification).

In any case, the reason for the change in seats must be specified. Delta has a tendency not to notify passengers whom they “value” when their seats are changed, and as a result has caused some discomfort within many people, including Ann Coulter. Flight attendants may not be ACS agents, and may not understand exactly what has happened, but should at least have a rudimentary understanding as to why seats are changed. Gate agents and check-in agents should notify passengers if their seat assignment has been changed then, and updates before check-in should be in place to notify passengers as well. Delta’s act of not notifying Ms. Coulter is sadly commonplace, and must be corrected. At the same time, so should Ms. Coulter’s behaviour towards her fellow passengers.


Very well said. You’re right that Delta needs to do better at this and Ann definitely didn’t need to take her anger out on her fellow passenger.

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Whether she said means things or not, it’s still Delta’s mistakes… If they gave her the same exact seat, then why did they move her in the first place? Every news article is bias, so bringing that up makes no difference in this case. Yes, what she said was wrong, but what Delta did was not good either… (Btw, New York Times is just as bias as any other news Network)


Legally an airline does not need to notify you of a seat change before hand. involuntary seat changes are not mentioned in most airlines Conditions of Carriage which is the agreement you enter into with an airline when you purchase a ticket. No where does it mention having to notify of seat reservation changes unless the person is confirmed to be flying with an applicable disability. It’s like the South Park episode of the Humancentipad. You didnt read the agreement? Well why would you agree to something that you didnt read before hand. Yes it may seem unfair but what they did is legally just regardless of how you look at it. And all US airline seat assignment do not specify that they need to notify another passenger of a re–seating, only of a rebooking/bump.

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Who cares? It’s Ann Coulter. Her insulting another passenger is not even close to her worst moments.

But from the standpoint of a paying passenger, I guess removing her from her pre-booked seat is a fault on Delta’s part.


The funny thing is she could have taken the high road and possibly have been better compensated by Delta (companies often like to keep their paying customers happy) but instead she made herself look just as foolish and didn’t get anything but her $30 back. That’s comedy lol.

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If you pay for a seat, it’s reserved for you and you only. It’s that simple. The only time you can be removed from your seat is if you’re causing harm or disturbance. This is why you shouldn’t overbook, DELTA!

That goes for all airlines!

EDIT: I didn’t read the full story, sorry about that. What she said was completely unnecessary, but if Delta just moved the other passenger to the window seat, this would’ve been completely avoided.

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Man, I go and rely on spotty cell coverage and Satellite internet for two days and I miss out on this nice juicy piece of drama. I see that Ms Coulter paid $30 for a seat assignment in the Economy cabin which she implies entitlement of the selected seat in her twitter post by writing that someone took “her” seat. She goes on to attack the person sitting in “her” seat and claim that she spent $10,000 of her time researching the aircraft, selecting the seat and periodically reviewing seat options.

Here’s where her claims and assertions fall apart. She was never entitled to any seat nor does she have ownership of any seat onboard the flight. Airlines do not shuffle people around to mess with them. Airlines move people around for operational considerations. It is SOP for the airlines to refund the passenger’s seat assignment fee if they do not end up in said seat, which Delta has done. What Ms Coulter has done with her outburst is exposing her to harassment claims, has turned the public against her, and most importantly, undermined her credibility as a public speaker and writer. In addition to this, her claim of spending $10,000 of her time to get everything set up is just a typical DYKWIA tactic to garner sympathy. If her time is so valuable, why didn’t she get an assistant to do the booking for her? If she values travel consultancy at $10,000 per flown segment, I should be a millionaire by now.

It is often said that you can tell a lot about a person from how they treat those who are serving them. I think we all know what we learnt about Ms Coulter from this incident.


As with most of these types of people, they are quick to criticise others when they complain about anything calling them insulting names such as snowflakes etc., but god forbid something happens to them since they go crying like a baby on every type of social media they can find.

Dan Dao was force fully removed from a United flight, being injured and missing his flight
'Sorry about the dragging,” she wrote in April. “But [that] convicted pill-mill doctor should be deported.”

She gets removed from her comfort+ seat into a different seat in the same row
Goes mad on Twitter calling Delta the worst airline in the world

I see a lil bit of hypocrisy here…m