Delta Airlines | SLC-SAN | Boeing 737-800ER

Hey IFC!
Sorry for my reduction in posts in this category, I am lacking a device, which will result me to fly less than I usually would.

Server: Expert

Callsign: Delta 2192 

Route: Salt Lake City KSLC - San Diego KSAN

Feast your eyes
Our ride

Blasting out of SLC

I love that wing tip

Climbing high

Reached cruise

Ooh man!

The Grand canyon


Final 27

Safe landing in SAN

Takeoff and Landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!

WOW!!! 1 and 2 are extraordinary! Very nice work!

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I like it, you do a good screen shoot

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@JGordon would be proud


Stunning pictures, good job! I can’t remove my eyea from the screen when I see mountain/valley terrains. Just beautifull.

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It’s nice to see the Delta 738 get some love 🥺😊


Great pics, but take one look at the sawtooth mountains and you will think the wasatch are ugly lol.

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Wow, the screenshots over the desert look stunning! Great job!

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@Jack_Q can you explain to me how you uploaded your landing from google drive without it giving access to all of your photos?