Delta Airlines | SLC-HNL | Airbus A330-300

Hey IFC!
Today, we take a much more interesting flight than the flight I did last week with the A330, Paris to Atlanta. This is likely going to be my last flight for a while as on Wednesday I am taking a 2 week trip to Europe so I will likely be unable to fly😭 but I promise I am not leaving I am just taking a short leave of absence. I may even do a flight during the trip, but I want to just enjoy myself. Let’s look at the details.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Delta 601 Heavy
The photos are ready for eyeballs! Hooray.
Rotation 34R

Climbing out of Salt Lake

Flying over the vast dry desert of Nevada and Idaho

What a beautiful plane

Reaching california

Made it to the coast near the Bay Area

At the point of no return. If something happens now we can’t turn around, we have to continue onto the islands

Taking a strange approach route around the west side of Oahu

Final 26L


I hope y’all enjoyed enjoyed! And goodbye for a while IF!


Nice photos 👍

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Cool photos. It’s nice to see someone flying out of SLC (I fly out of there a lot IRL).

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Great Job. Keep it up!

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awesome photos! i did that approach in real life too

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