Delta Airlines: New Orleans to Samana

Hey everyone! Yesterday I flew from KMSY over to Samana El Catey in the Dominican Republic, it’s a beautiful flight, I would recommend trying it! Now onto the photos!

Route: KMSY-Samana
Aircraft: 757
Airline: Delta


A beautiful cruise picture over the coast of Florida:

As we near our destination we make our initial turn to avoid the mountains:


And A semi Smooth Touchdown:

And here we are at the gate:

That’s all for Today folks, could you do me a favor and tell me which one you like best? Thanks a lot!

Also, if you’d like to use these, please send me a PM, thanks!

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The 757 is a cool pencil and such an underrated plane, great photos!

Happy Flying :)

Awesome shots Sasha!

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Noice! I wish this was a route…

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Oooo the DR. Nice shots Sasha!

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Yeah, me to. I just really wanted to fly to Samana though.

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Oooo Samana is on my bucket list! Basically I]any destination in the DR has beautiful scenery. Greta shots!

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Well done! 😀

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Thanks a lot guys!

Really Nice! Btw your pics are awesome.

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I love the angles and the pictures!

Amazing pic 😍

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Great shots, nice to see a 757 topic, I would fly it more but unfortunately it’s heavily underworked and impossible to fly :/

Awesome pics! Nice to see more flying 757s.

Although the 757 has some interesting physics… you’ve done a splendid job with these photos. :)

I love the second one! The third one is very interesting. You took an unusual point of view and totally made the best of it!

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Nice shots.

Realism police: why were flaps 5 at cruising?