Delta Airlines Lays off 50% of their pilots

Delta airlines will be laying off 50% of there pilots if things don’t get better this fall. Also, they will be closing down there Cincinnati base and will be taking 18 Boeing 777 jets out of the sky. They also had to cut there April schedule by 80%.

Another big part of this is that because of coronavirus, most people think it is just not safe to fly. So that means there will be fewer passengers per flight. Even though they are throw about cleaning the plane, who wants to sit on a plane for a couple of hours with a mask on that is hard to breathe in.

Another big factor is the company’s budget. They might not be able to pay all of there employees.
But fewer passengers means less weight and less weight means less fuel. Plus, the fuel sometimes can cost more than the plane itself. So they could be saving money if they added less cargo. However, the company is getting paid extra money for flying cargo that does not belong to the passengers. Like masks and hand sanitizer.

So, in conclusion, what can Delta do to get back there travelers? Well not much because the economy is going down and it is a big risk to fly these days. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you next time. Safe travels.

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Things will definitely be better by mid or late fall, Thanksgiving is the biggest travel season of the year and people are going to travel to see family, regardless of risks.

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Two friends of mine have already been affected by this. One was a new hire on the 717 and the other one is taking a Mandatory LOA. He’s an FO on the 717

Things most likely won’t be better by then at this rate, but we all hope it somehow will. Hopefully Delta and all the others will make it out without having to make significant cuts or file for bankruptcy.


Things will not get better by fall. Cases rising so much already and it’s the summer. Imagine when it gets colder… it will be a whole lot worse


I highly doubt people is gonna fly to see their family, specially with an imminent second wave… many families are gonna outweight the risks and the benefits… and the risks of contracting covid are gonna stop people from flying… not seeing a family member one year is not a big deal… missing them for the rest of your life is.
Unless something changes though!..
But now with the risks of another completely different pandemic…


I’m gonna have to disagree with this cause I know that any day could be one of my grandparents last day on earth. You don’t know what could happen to them. I also know that a lot can happen in a year and not seeing a family for a year and which they pass that year you don’t see them. You really regret not seeing them and wish you spent more time with them.


Cases are rising, but that is simply because Testing is being expanded to cover people who don’t have symptoms.
@CarlosFunes Apparently the second wave has already hit and that’s why states are closing partially again, this virus is running its course and will be over real quick. Just got to have hope.

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Lol. we are still in the 1st wave and the virus will be over quick?? (like magic 😂)


I have to politely disagree, the first wave has already passed as evident by the decrease in deaths and cases a few weeks ago, the second wave is now because of the slight uptick in deaths

Let’s not fight about it here. We all hate this pandemic and the science shows that we’re still in for it. This all sucks for all of us including the airlines. But hopefully they will one day come out on top.


Yes, that’s how testing works. You test people and if it comes back positive, they have it. If it doesn’t, they don’t. Adding on confirmed cases because tests come back positive doesn’t mean that numbers are being inflated.

Only two states have reported declines in new cases, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The US also reported 39,327 new cases 6 days ago on June 25th, the largest daily increase in US cases.
(Source: CDC)

And before anyone flags this as off-topic, this is relevant because it shows we are not out of the woods yet and we will not be anytime soon. For example, Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta Air Lines stated he doesn’t believe the industry will recover to pre-pandemic levels for at least three years. (Source: CNBC)


I am so sad to see Delta’s B777-200ERs go. I flew on them between Los Angeles and Tokyo Haneda as my first transpacific flight. The jets were N860DA there and N867DA back. I also have a model of N865DA. They were and still are my favorite jets.

That’s gonna make cases rise

We just started 2nd wave I belive

(Source: CDC)

Where do you see the first wave even end? It just flat-lined for a bit then started going back up. If the first wave isn’t over after four months, why do people think the industry is going to recover soon?


Ignoring the conversation above, I’ll throw in my two cents.

Because of what’s being learned with this second wave, states will lockdown again and for a longer period. This may reduce the number of new and/or existing cases, but I wouldn’t make an assumption about what’ll happen by November. Yes, most airlines have paid or unpaid leave and/or a hiring freeze.

All airlines have grounded parts of their fleets and some are retiring some aircraft preemptively. Delta is considering the A350-900 to replace their 777 fleet because it is more efficient and therefore saves money, which is important at this time. I think they are also making money through transporting essential goods such as masks, sanitizer, etc.

But most importantly, don’t speculate and come to conclusions! Nobody knows what’ll happen come November.

I have spoken!

An edit: I see most people above are slightly off-topic or debating/discussing COVID for the most part. Remember, this is about Delta’s situation because of the COVID, not COVID itself!

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According to Wikipedia, Delta is most likely replacing the B777s with the A350.

bottom paragraph of “fleet overview”


Can you provide a link or reference a reply above, thanks!

Edit: Saw the paragraph, thanks for the info. Unfortunate they won’t consider the 777-8X, after all I do favor Boeing.