Delta Airlines | LAX-SYD | Boeing 777-200LR

Hey IFC!
Oh man, I bet I know someone who would like this topic, and that dude is @Delta319. He always has so much knowledge about Delta’s operations, and he is also one heck of a pilot, DLVA is lucky to have him.

Server: Expert 

Callsign: Delta 41 Heavy

Route: Los Angeles KLAX - Sydney Kingsford Smith YSSY

Here we go!
Our ride for today

Heavy takeoff from LAX

Climbing high

Reached cruise

No IFEs for a 14 hour flight!?

Well, not much else to do

Zooming across the pacific

Cool island

Man, these routes are so risky, this route gets close to the longest flights over almost entirely water, I think the only ones that top it are LAX/SFO to SIN and CPT-EWR. Thank god for ETOPS

Safe landing in SYD

Takeoff and landing movie
I hope y’all enjoyed!


The pictures are looking amazing as always, well done Jack!


I call it a widow seat 👌

Beautiful pictures there! The cargo variant looks awesome.


Finally some one using the Delta 77L! Beautiful pics 👍

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Nice love these

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I am really loving this “Spirit of Atlanta” Delta 77L! Great photos!

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