Delta Airlines is retiring their 747-400s

Oh you don’t know how many 74s I’ve flown on. I’m too old to remember my first flight on one (joking, J actually do)

I tried to catch today’s A350 at the airport in Detroit, but sadly I was unsuccessful. After 👀 at pictures of the new cabin, it’s beautiful, but not as beautiful as seeing the exterior of the 747. Man, that airplane changed so many peoples lives, including mine

I remeber the first time I saw one here in KATL. It was a really foggy day when I was going to pick my friend up from the Domestic terminal so we had to go all the way around the airport next to the runway until suddenly the B747 came out of the fogg really close and I got in shock because of how close it was.

The worst part is that I never flew on any 747s…

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Sadly, Delta had to cancel their final 747 flight due to a lack of pilots. It’s a shame, since I have been waiting in Detroit for this flight for quite a while now. However, I found this amazing article in Bloomberg, and I thought I would share it with all you amazing people. Here it is:

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You are such a lucky ducky

Yeah I was until they cancelled the flight… :(

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I saw one flying today to seoul however?

Nope, it was replaced by the A350-900. If you look at FlightAware it’s all wrong.

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That must be immensely frustrating though. You still going to seoul?

No, I was going just for the fun of it. I’m heading back home hopefully tomorrow morning so that I can return to work this Wednesday in the states.

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Good luck in your future travel endeavors!

Aww man! Cancelled such an iconic flight! I feel for you man…

Youtube Link To Channel

One of the final Delta 747s (N674US) flying a very low pass over MSP International Airport as part of the Delta Farewell Tour.

One of the coolest things ever!!


Sad how many airlines are retiring their 747s.

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I have the same situation, never been on Delta’s, so sad to see them go:(, but have been on many others such as (former) Air France and KLM when I visit my family in Gurgaon, Calcutta, and Bombay

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@Balloonchaser I was there for the low pass, it was amazing to see in person.


Kind of glad to see the B747 go. Now I’m excited to see the A350 and B787 take over the skies.

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