Delta Airlines is retiring their 747-400s

First United, now Delta. The word is coming to an end :(

Personally I don’t mind to much. The 744 had her time. Now it’s the time to shine for the A380 and the A350.


well the a380 probably wont shine too much more…especially after what’s happened to emirate’s a380 deal…but the 350 yess :)

It’s too bad this amazing plane is going to be retired, but hey, even Rome had to come to an end.

R.I.P. “word”

But in all seriousness I hope to fly on the Queen one day. I’ve never been on one and I hope to fly on one before I see it come to the boneyard.

Don’t worry, it’s only the U.S airlines that are being idiots by scrapping 74s. You can still fly in them in other carriers!

Not trying to start a debate, so please don’t start one ;)

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Those were northwest aircraft once upon a time we shall never forget 😢😭

Rest in peace delta 747-400 NWA
NWA would have done the b744 better then that

Sorry, worst picture ever due to the sun blocking windows, but it just happened to be sitting in front of me when I deplaned at KDTW on Monday morning and I thought probably won’t see one again. Didn’t realize how soon that probably would turn into for sure.


Their replaceing it with the A350, im disgusted


Dang it, she just flew over my head at about 1500 but wasn’t prepared or paying attention. It had just been RJ after RJ and she came from behind.


“Change is difficult to adjust to, but change is good, always.” ~ Charles Darwin

Really wise words imo


But its an airbus though out of all things and its small


That’s irrelevant

That’s relevant.

Both companies are beautiful in terms of their airliners. The 350 is definitely smaller though, but what aircraft really replaces a 744 other than the 748 or a388? Though I would have loved maybe a 77W…yes a Delta 77W 😍

I gotta disagree their boeing is more classic were you fly the plane were as airbus is more about the plane flys you thats why i strongly suggest delta look into get 747-8s

Ive heard rumors that Delta may very well be looking at acquiring second hand 77Ws as airlines start to retire the older variants. Remember Delta’s fleet purchasing plan usually is purchasing second hand aircraft and highly maintaining them. They have done that with the B717s, B767s, and B757s keep a lookout in early 2018 for an announcement of those procurements.

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That’s true, and I too would have loved to see Delta go for the 748s. But big planes isn’t exactly Delta’s style, so it’s not surprising they didn’t go for the 748.

The reason that Delta’s 747-400 was so iconic, along with everyone else’s, was that the interior upper deck of the aircraft, and being able to seat that many people in one aircraft was insane for the time. Also, the 747 has a pretty good safety record, with most of it’s crashes being in pilot error. Now, the reason they are replacing their 747 routes with A350s is because of the amount of people that it can fit, how fuel efficient the aircraft is, and the unit cost of it over the 747-800. I can understand why economically the A350 will have a greater net operating income than the 747-800.

Sadly, the date of flights have been pushed back by 2 days, I think due to technical issues.

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soon it will be British Airways’s turn to retire their 747s. hope you have nice flight. goodbye to delta 747.

You’ll have your chance. BA isn’t retiring their 400’s till 2020, and I doubt any 8i’s will be retired soon.

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