Delta Airlines Introduces a New Baggage Tracking App

Have you ever taken a Delta Airlines flight and they somehow lost your luggage during the journey? Fret no longer because Delta Airlines has introduced a new baggage tracking application that allows you to accurately track it. Read this article to learn more about it:

What do you think of this? Do you think other airliners will follow Delta’s footsteps and create their own baggage tracking app?


Think it’s pretty neat. It’s a good way to keep the airline organized and it benefits them in finding the luggage for whatever reason and helps us too

I think it’s a good idea but it does have its flaws.

As some people know on these forums I work for delta. This will make life so much easier when it comes to tracking peoples baggage down. The scanners we use now don’t always function properly and it can be a challenge to track down baggage. I’m excited with the changes Delta has been making

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As long as it’s free 😀😀😀

What kind of flaws are you implying? Are you asking if this device is hackable or can be used worldwide? I could see this device as a great innovation and worry free travel.

There is a similar system happening at British Airways :
You can get a different colour tag for each level of the executive club

Yes. The device in the bag tag could be hacked or manipulated in someway causing location inaccuracy.

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