Delta Airlines in Iceland?

Delta Airlines in Iceland?

Yup, you heard correctly. Delta will resume service on May 1st flying JFK-KEF on a 757-200, soon after Delta will launch BOS-KEF starting May 20th, and finally on May 27th, Delta will resume service for MSP-KEF. All of these flights will be a 1x daily service.

    Departure time is 22:15 (10:15pm)
    Arrival time is 08:05 the next morning (8:05am)

    Departure time is 11:15 (11:15am)
    Arrival time is 13:15 the same day (1:15pm)

    Departure time is 22:25 (10:25pm)
    Arrival time is 07:45 the next morning (7:45am)

    Departure time is 10:15 (10:15am)
    Arrival time is 12:00 the same day (12:00pm)

    Departure time is 20:45 (8:45pm)
    Arrival time is 07:55 the next morning (7:55am)

    Departure time is 09:30 (9:30am)
    Arrival time is 11:00 the same day (11:00am)

The aircraft in use will be a Boeing 757-200. For the Boston and Minneapolis routes, the 757 in use will be a Domestic and Short-haul international 757. These aircraft are not set up with a proper international business class cabin, so business class will not be offered. Instead, Delta will sell the cabin as Premium Economy.

How cabin will be sold

  • Premium Economy
  • Extra-legroom Economy
  • Standard Economy

A Pattern For International Growth? Delta Expands Iceland Flights - Simple Flying


Can’t wait for the additional flight out of BOS, happy to see a new route in Iceland, especially from the Americas! Although one thing:

Probably should change that to resuming for the JFK and MSP flight, as both of those are current routes!

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My bad, that is changed.

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No problem, great job on the writing!

Nice to see some of these more niche routes returning and even being expanded.

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