Delta Airlines | HNL-ATL | Boeing 747-400

Hey IFC!
Today we remember the Titans, by Titans I mean the mighty Boeing 747. Delta airlines used to fly this route between Atlanta and Honolulu with the Boeing 747 before they retired their fleet of them in 2017. This morning I first flew from Kona to Honolulu in the Hawaiian Boeing 717

Then the passengers got off and spread out to their other flights. A few hoped on board mine!
Server: Expert

Callsign: Delta 836 Heavy
Alright, let’s take a peek!
Right turn after takeoff from runway 8L

Climbing past the city (I did not see even one person make the proper departure turn after takeoff)

Cruising past moderately crowded Hawai’i

Alone over the ocean

Approaching land

Flying over Arizona

Lovely cockpit

Final 26R

Terrible landing

I hope y’all enjoyed!


those are supper cool nice pics

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Where are you living? its also morning here.

BTW its 7:12 AM here

At first I was kinda confused why there was a Hawaiian 717. It all comes together after that, 😂 nice pics!

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I see people climbing right over the island all the time. SUPER ANNOYING.

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Nice shots! On my way actually now to LAX from Maui!

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